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Title: Hair we long does hair last ?
Post by: neilep on 14/09/2006 19:31:44
Dear All,

On a recent archaeological dig i dug up an old bloke who was at least a few thousand years old ( i knew he was well old because his digital watch had stopped ).. lasts for a long time don't it ?...why's that then ?....does hair last longer than bone ?

What is hair made from ? it like my nails  ?

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Title: Re: Hair we long does hair last ?
Post by: Karen W. on 14/09/2006 19:45:19
I do think it is similar, but I heard that as soon as it leaves the scalp it is dead. the only living part under the skin, but I am not  sure about that.. Not sure though just a guess! and I did not pay very good attention in science so am curious too!

Title: Re: Hair we long does hair last ?
Post by: daveshorts on 14/09/2006 20:56:38
It all depends on the conditions, hair contains lots of kerratin which is tough stuff and doesn't make very good food. It can be broken down by bacteria with a little water, and oxygen, but it is a lot slower than most other parts of the body. Whether it breaks down faster than bone or not will depend on the conditions. If you are in acidic anaerobic conditions (eg a bog body) the hair will survive quite well but the bones will dissolve in the acid, in most other conditions bone will last longer.