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Title: Does fever with covid cause heart arrhythmias
Post by: J 68 on 28/06/2021 08:28:40
I have long QT syndrome so have literally seen nobody during lockdowns to avoid catching Covid. Now double jabbed and looking for a job so will have to start mixing again soon, what would the effects on my long QT syndrome be if I were to get infected. Would this increase my risk of hospitalisation?
Title: Re: Does fever with covid cause heart arrhythmias
Post by: evan_au on 28/06/2021 08:55:18
The ACE2 receptor by which SARS-COV2 enters cells is widespread in the body, as it occurs in the cells lining small blood vessels. The inflammatory response to infection can thus affect any organ in the body - including the heart.
- That must contribute to the wide spectrum of post-infection disorders associated with "Long COVID"
- A pre-existing health condition adds to the standard risks of COVID infection

Being vaccinated is a good start to protection, but while there is still virus circulating in your country, consider yourself still vulnerable.
- Continue with the mask-wearing and social distancing (as if you weren't vaccinated) for an extra layer of protection.
- Encourage your household members and friends to get vaccinated too, as that will provide a further safety barrier around you - after all, you are most likely to be exposed to the virus via your friends and family and workmates.
- Look out for the availability of booster shots later in the year which are aimed at the more infectious Alpha and Delta variants. Current approved vaccines are not so effective against these newer variants of concern.