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Title: Marijuana
Post by: Pseudoscience-is-malarkey on 30/05/2021 15:01:31
I've been sober for nearly a decade and earlier this month I decided to do what some people would consider to be cheating. I dabbled in legalized marijuana. I purchased them in various forms and not once did I get high. I did my research and found that there are a lot of reasons why this can happen. I know a good "scientist" never experiments on himself, but I pressed on. By a diagnosis of exclusion, I think I found out what is wrong:
-It's NOT because I have a high THC tolerance. (I've only hit a weed pipe a few times in my life and didn't get high, and attributed it to not being able to inhale it properly.)
-It's NOT because I'm not inhaling it properly (This, I found out, is why first and second-time users often feel nothing.)
-It's NOT because I should be consuming it through other mediums, such as tinker drops, edibles, and powers. I've tried most of them to no effect.
-It's NOT because the strains are low THC/too much CBD. (At first, I used the lower THC products, but when I purchased the highest THC available, which should, according to the dispensary employees "get you high as ****", nothing happened)
-It's NOT because I am not consuming enough. (Trust me)
I believe my body produces too much pregnenolone, a hormone that occurs naturally in our bodies. It blockades the brain from excessive activation of the CB1 receptors, therefore blocking the high... I thought that maybe I should consume some cortisol supplements to decrease my body's production of pregnenolone. Still nothing. Perhaps I should wait a few days or longer for the supplements to take effect?
Title: Re: Marijuana
Post by: alancalverd on 30/05/2021 15:47:31
I know a good "scientist" never experiments on himself, but I pressed on.
On the contrary, it's almost de rigeur if it is to pass the first ethical hurdle - would you do it to yourself?