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Question of the Week / Photon fuel
« Last post by Quaplach! on Today at 01:14:34 »
So. . .Are photons an exception to the second law of thermodynamics? Shouldn't they be slowing down; running toward entropy? What gives?
Just Chat ! / Re new: Test post, please add comment of your own
« Last post by Ethos_ on 22/03/2017 16:00:47 »
Replying per request.....................Have a wonderful day my friend.
Technology / Cancel magnetism, so too cancel out inertia?
« Last post by Europan Ocean on 22/03/2017 10:58:48 »
In WW2 British ships were equipped to be non magnetic to avert sea mine danger. Could it be possible to cancel out inertia, from a machine and perhaps a pilot?

I was one of those who saw a UFO over eastern Australia and it sped instantly with no graduation into the great speed and went from west to east in about 20 seconds.
New Theories / What is a global democracy?
« Last post by the5thforce on 22/03/2017 10:54:02 »
Now that we've color divided ourselves into the rainbow of asexuality and mutual masturbation or mutual-asexuality as our superficial knockoff of the uncertainty-principle, we should try listening to the bigger older more socially successful populations who evolved around the biggest oldest mountain on earth and inspired all other human cultures, if were lucky maybe they'll let us raise their aborted females
I think it was the 11th century and people witnessed a supernova in the sky. The light reached the Earth and following this will come the mass ejection. It must have been larger star than the sun. After such a time and distance the blast must have thinned in dispersion, like an expanding bubble, and grown cold. My question is, what measure of matter, be it Oxygen, iron or gold... will actually hit the Earth? A million tonnes? And over how many hours? What effect will it have?

News reports mention our nearest star. I read it is a red dwarf with small rock planets in the habitable zone that contain water. After the red giant phase, I wonder how any water remained, or did it come from the shrinking back of the red giant? Perhaps a mass ejection could leave behind residue.
New Theories / Ethical consciousness
« Last post by the5thforce on 22/03/2017 05:36:36 »
Since big brains never evolve inside low functioning bodies we have the ability to know real world functionality is the dominant ethic, a brain needs something enjoyable and worth doing otherwise it can only blame its most recent creator/influencer who can always be traced to the existence of energy itself- the idea that fundamentally energy being worse than nothing is written in our universe's elements- absolute nihilism even if only after a certain point, eventually the memory of bad energy thoroughly vaporizes any good remaining in the brain and the two are always related in our self contained world bound by the uncertainty principle, time itself is the only energy inheritence within zero sum space where good and bad can only amplify eachother over time, a true temporary zero-point seed is required to experience consciousnes, all opposites including zero and infinity obey the uncertainty principle, infinity can only be represented by binary objective time followed by the random subjective relativity-bound space it distorts during the act of measurement aka consciousness, space is the entropy of what can only start as nothingness, zero, uncertainty, the spectrum of consciousness is an equilibrium between the biggest worthwhile infinity and its opposite- the smallest thing -> nothing is still a thing, since many humans still reach the conclusion that energy is objectively worse than nothing and intelligence only amplifies the ability to recognize dysfunction, intelligence is always a double edged sword that we die by when humans continue to expand the void of dysfunction fundamentally starting with sex, as we approach the universal limits of worthwhile informational complexity which is the technological singularity we can only approach the energy scale/efficiency ratio of conscious complexity, biological machines are basically inherently intrinsically fundamentally importantly most efficient since it can only use the lightest elements available, beyond this point we should only attempt to improve biological function while preserving as much organic sexual diversity we can as its our only tool to fight radioactive decay, (homo-sexuality is a contradiction, gays are asexual mutual masturbating victims of a radioactive mutation we can safely catagorize with decay and dysfunction) otherwise we need to let the brain reach natural equilibrium with function to minimize incompatible emotion

Goldilocks ratios are the most deceptive quality of energy, due to the uncertainty all energy peaks before its half-life and youll always know after its way too late yet still way before you thought you wanted to know

sustainable ethics can only be a functional understanding never solely an understanding of dysfunction

something is the entropy of nothing, something functionally diverse or nothing at all is the consensus, sex is the unbreakable bond of our energy and there is no replacement, a brain contraction can never be better than a body contraction so long as the brain is attached to the body meaning when sex fails----->good riddence brain
Physiology & Medicine / What is atypical psychosis?
« Last post by tkadm30 on 21/03/2017 19:24:51 »
What is the difference between atypical and conventional psychosis? I believe the neurological basis of psychosis is poorly understood by modern psychiatry.
Just Chat ! / Why is eating well-done meats immoral?
« Last post by Pseudoscience-is-malarkey on 21/03/2017 15:14:59 »
Why do so may people, including several celebrity chefs, hate people that prefer their meats well done? I know it's not normal, but there are a small amount of people, myself included, that like the taste of burnt. We feel it adds to the flavor. I don't understand why that makes us bad people.
General Science / How big would this explosion be?
« Last post by cmett on 20/03/2017 21:04:06 »

I am a field technician who came across a warning label on an electrical panel the other day. It records the "incident energy" available should the panel blow up, and lists it in calories per centimeter squared (cal/cm2). Looking at the label I know it cannot be right, as the energy level is just too high. However, is there anyone out here that can put this number into context for me (i.e. sticks of dynamite, enough energy to power X for X amount of time, etc...)? The warning label claims this small electrical panel is capable of a blast that is 51,000 cal/cm2.

Physiology & Medicine / How does anaesthesia work?
« Last post by tkadm30 on 20/03/2017 15:06:41 »
What is the current state of research in anaesthesia? I found interesting the 2015 proposal by Hameroff et al that quantum biological channels in microtubules may have a role in human consciousness and anaesthesia. However, experimental evidence of the quantum mobility theory in the human brain is scarce.
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