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Title: Is the universe expanding in a particular direction?
Post by: thedoc on 15/07/2012 13:30:01
Jane Maddin  asked the Naked Scientists:

First, I want to tell you that I LOVE your show (!! I wish you were producing it more often and I NEVER get tired or bored hearing about the newly discovered exoplanets.

I have a question about the origin of the universe and our physical location within it. I have to explain what I think I know so you will see where the question is coming from. At the time of the big bang everything that was (whatever that was - that's a question right there, what WAS IN the big bang - everything that the universe was made from? Plasma, hydrogen?) was in a singularity. Right? (Sort of right?)

Here's my question: Was the 'universe' (I'm picturing it as a sort of bubble) tightly up against that spot, before everything blew up and out of it? And as the big bang happened, did the universe begin expanding then?

So - is the Big Bang all around us - as we are 'inside' the universe? Or is it in a particular direction? The 'background' radiation, left over from the big bang, is it in every direction?

Thanks very much for your time and your effects to explain all these things requiring lots of maths and study, in the space of a few sentences! I appreciate your efforts!

Jane Maddin
Nova Scotia, Canada

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