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Title: What fibres support the virus for the shortest time?
Post by: nudephil on 31/03/2020 16:14:48
John asks:

I work in the nonwovens industry supplying material for the production of anti-bac and anti-viral wipes. I am trying to ascertain which of the many fibres that are used in the industry support the virus for the least amount of time.

The industry uses polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, PLA, polyethylene, wood pulp, viscose, bamboo, and cotton fibres in the main. Materials can also be produced with coatings and additives.

I saw on the BBC news tonight that the virus only survives for a very brief amount of time. Do you know whether the viable dwell time on any of the above fibres has been carried out? Is there another organisation that may be able to help us in our desire to produce a wipe, that in itself, will aid in the fight against this pandemic?

Any research out yet?