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Title: What is pleasure?
Post by: dkv on 01/10/2007 16:43:13
How do we define anything?
1.Based on Experience
2.Based on pre-established knowledge.
There are no absolute definitons ..

I give you both the definitions:
1.Based on experience :
During sex , orgasm is called pleasure.

2.Based on Objective Knowledge:
There are drugs which produce some thing similar to the pleasure...e.g Ecstacy , Viagara ..

These drugs produce a chemical state inside body which we expereince as pleasure.

I need to know exactly what is not understood here.

If you understood what was written above then we continue:
The intesity of pleasure varies from day to day , individual to individual and species to species.
But the concept of pleasure remains the same.
Pleasure is the highest level of expereince.
Pleasure belongs to family of Happiness.
Happiness is more stable and continuous than Pleasure.

Analogy :
Consider Hunger . When hungry we know are hungry. We experience it.We can define it chemically as well.
The same hunger is found in all the plants and animals.
There is no dispute over the phenomemon resulting out of hunger... the dispute is on the chemical configuration. A hungry tree and hungry animal and hungry human all express the same.
Hunger gets satisfied with food. The process of eating food produces pleasure.(with different intensity.. remember pleasure carries intensity as well)
For the Hungry real life entity ,search for food is the purpose.(apparently)
Similarly For Life in its entirety searches for greater pleasure...
It turns out that if the pleasure is not sustaianble it can not be increased. There are costs associated with pleasure.. it results in loss of energy.
Therefore I say Life moves towards Sustaianable pleasure.
Title: What is pleasure?
Post by: Titanscape on 31/01/2008 05:46:57
Pleasure is desired, we have a natural drive for pleasures, to escape pains...

We also have drive for honour, justice, truth, love, friendships... which sometimes hurts.

There is the noble verses the carnal.