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Title: "On the concept of relativistic mass"
Post by: Pmb on 18/07/2013 17:34:40
I would like to ask everyone to please read the following article that I wrote so many years ago

On the concept of relativistic mass

I want to get as much input about it as I can before I write the new version. I've decided to write a new version and resubmit it to the American Journal of Physics for consideration to be published. There's a new editor and he's willing to let me take another shot at this. In the years since I've written it I have a much better understanding to the objections to the concept. Please let me know where the math/physics is too hard to follow. It doesn't mean that you have a lack of understanding of anything so please don't refrain from commenting for that reason. I want to know where I'm not being clear or where I'm assuming too much about the readers knowledge. Thank you.
Title: Re: "On the concept of relativistic mass"
Post by: Pmb on 24/07/2013 15:17:00
nope your wrong . Go back to school
Oh please! It's very clear I more so much more about even basic physics than you ever will, that's for sure.

Since you don't have the knowledge to even understand the math in that article please go some place where someone finds your trolling desirble. This isn't such a place, Your post is a troll and will be reported as such.