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                                    ASTHMA CURABLE

Yes, asthma is curable.  It is not at all a disease and is developed due to our modern food habits only.  If we change them, it can be cured permanently. Here i am giving my own experiences, experiments and the way by which i fought back.

Well it is known fact that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways. The chronic inflammation is associated with airway hyper-responsiveness that may leads to wheezing, breathlessness,chest tightness and coughing particularly at night or in the early morning. These are usually associated with widespread airflow obstruction within the lungs.
Well, taking energy pressure as base i had written number of theories. At present scientists are taking this as atmosphere pressure but i take this as energy pressure. In my opinion this is playing key role in the functioning of our lungs.  During the course of taking air into our lungs, energy enters into our lungs and  it is exerting pressure on the blood.  This is resulting in movement of blood.  During the course of digestion certain gases are released and they are mixed with our blood. When blood enters lungs these gases are freed and they exerts pressure on our lungs and simultaneously our lungs exhale them. Here energy is playing key role in the functioning of our lungs. See it is simply like a bore well motor.  Suppose if we close the bore well from outside, then air fails to enter it. Energy pressure falls drastically and water movement into the pipe is stopped.  Suppose if you are on high hill areas where energy pressure is low, what happens.  Since outside pressure is low, energy fails to exert pressure on your blood and as the blood pressure is high when compared to natural pressure in the
open area reverse happens, blood tries to come out.

In the case of asthma patients also similar thing is happening.  During summer outside pressure will be high when compared to blood pressure and therefore there is no asthma problem at all.  Whereas during winter outside pressure is coming down drastically, but you are not adjusting your body
temperature and thus resulting in asthma.

When all these things came to my mind, i had realised that it is our mistake only.  I had started writing everything.  Within short time i realised that both asthma and cold are having similar features.  While examining nature i had found water acting as moderator and on further study realised that water is not allowing temperature to rise or to fall.  Water is also working as moderator in our body also and it is not allowing our body temperature to rise or fall.

First trial is on cold problem only.  When i got this problem, in the evening 6 to 8 i did not take any hard food and drank almost 1 litre water.  It is true that it is very difficult to drink water at the time of cold problem.  After 12 in the night, air started moving freely and mucous started coming out.  It is true that Asthma is a severe problem when compared to cold.  So i had decided to fight from both sides.

01  Actually our body generates lot of heat during the process of digestion.  In my view this is  more than sufficient to keep our body warm.  Even if we live in Siberia or Canada where temperature  falls below 0 degrees, temperature generated during the process of digestion is more than sufficient.   See some of the animals like bears, penguins are able to survive in that climate. 
02  Due to our modern food habits we are habituated to drinks like tea, coffee which are raising our  body temperature abnormally.  Here i am not commenting on the contents but on the temperature of the liquid.  Let us think, can we hold these hot liquids in our hand, it is impossible, and when we are not able to hold the  hot liquids how can our stomach.
03  Some of the theories written by me, functioning of our body and human system of digestion have helped  me to find out that these hot liquids entering our body are not moderated that much easily and are causing lot of damage.
04  See our body has got multi layered protection.  Energy in the open area cannot enter our body from anywhere  except through lungs.  It is true that energy moves from high to low.  As long as we keep our body temperature low  it accepts outside pressure.

So, I had decided to:
01  To avoid hot/cool drinks. Even if i have to then, allowing it to come normal temperature.
02  To avoid taking food at its highest temperature.
03  To avoid liquor/wines, which mostly consist of light cells and these light cells start collecting at lungs  and aggravates the problem.
04  Water collects light cells, they are immersed in water and helps to come out freely.  So for the people  habituated to liquor, water works more than a medicine. 
05  To drink as much water as possible, at gaps i.e., in the morning or in the evening.  Suppose before leaving office  in the evening, drink 2 to 3 glasses of water and avoid any hard food for 1 to 2 hours and it will be more  than  sufficient.
04  Do not drink water continuously, since it affect your digestion, and my cause weakness as well.

When i had started practicing this, in the very next season i had found lot of improvement and thereafter for two seasons there is no problem at all.  I know the suffering of an asthma patient, so i am really thankful to God
for giving this idea and helping to come out of the problem.  Even if few people reads this and practices and comes out of the problem, it is more than sufficient to me.