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                                                           HOW GRAVITY WORKS


Well, here I am placing a revised version, which is in fact redefined, what exactly gravity is.  Actually I had molded my mind in such a way that whatever I feel or known is 100% correct and I don’t want to mingle or involve with other theories, but failed miserably.  But after getting deep into the theories of Newton and Einstein, realized within short time that they are not ordinary.  There are gaps left by Einstein, I am sure mine ideas perfectly fits and fills them.
As per Newton’s, Inverse Square Law each particle attracts every other particle in the universe using a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers and he named this attraction as Gravity.  This is an important point to be noted by us.  Up to this, no body including Einstein never countered. 

Later, he extended this theory as Universal Law of Gravitation.  It is significant to note that the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects. As objects get further apart, the force of gravity drops very quickly.

Einstein eventually identified the property of space time which is responsible for gravity as it’s
Curvature.  He realized that Gravity is not a force, but identified it as the property of space time. Space and time in Einstein's universe are no longer flat as assumed by Newton,  but can be pushed and pulled, stretched and warped by matter. Gravity feels strongest where space time is most curved, and it vanishes where space time is flat. This is the core of Einstein's theory of general relativity, which is often summed up in words as follows: "matter tells space time how to curve, and curved space time tells matter how to move".

In a 2d space or empty space, which is flat, particles start moving in a straight line. As there is no force acting on them, they never meet each other and moves in straight line. 

There are occasions where particles start meeting each other.  Here, as per Newton it is due to gravity or attraction of the massive body.  There is other possibility where particles travelling in curved space time.  Here particles travels in shortest path, geodesics and meet at a different place.  At a given point of space time, matter with its energy, inner tension distorts space time and distorted space time curves. 

Movement of particles plays key role in Einstein theory of Gravity.  Suppose if the particles are not raised/moved at any particular place, they may not be in a position to distort the space time.  So, finally distorted space time curves and creates gravity.  This is the Core of Einstein Gravity.   But why and how the particles are raising. Ok, let us analyze on how the particles are raising.

Unless huge amount of particles moves upward it is not possible to distort space time and curve it.  It is true that particles on the Earth are undergoing lot of force/pressure of gravity.  To move upward means, they must be divided into small to very small micro particles.  To have a clear idea on the movement of particles, one must have an idea on how gravity came into existence.

Here, I too support that local big bang as the base for the creation of our universe.    After huge explosion, all the planets started burning and releasing lot of energy into open area.  Before this huge explosion, space is completely void and nothing existed.  When the planets started shedding lot of energy into open area, it started spreading to wide area.  Basically energy is having important quality of concentrating/pooling at a particular place.  Energy is also having another important quality of concentrating against objects.  As long as the planets released more energy, outward trend continued and when it started cooling, pressure of outside energy increased when compared to internal energy released by the planet and the trend of movement towards the planet developed paving the way for creation of gravity.

A standard way to illustrate this idea is to place a bowling ball onto a stretched rubber sheet.  If a marble is placed onto the rubber sheet, it will roll toward the bowling ball, and may even be put into "orbit" around the bowling ball.  This occurs, not because the smaller mass is "attracted" by a force emanating from the larger one, but because it is traveling along a surface which has been deformed by the presence of the larger mass.

This idea is great, but it did not explain how it works.  We are taking rubber sheet for space and placing a bowling ball at the centre.  Ok, let us compare this to our universe.  Without rubber sheet, nothing can keep our planets at rest and at exact location.  In my view energy is working as a rubber sheet.  When the planets, due to burning released lot of energy into open area, it started spreading to wide area and developed as an “ENERGY BASE”.  This Energy base is working as rubber sheet. 

As long as the planet burnt and released energy, it lost its weight.  When it started cooling, energy movement towards the planet started and paved way for gravity.  Gravity hooked planet strongly.  Here we have to remember one important point that frame is dragging the Earth and not the Earth.

But, here we have to remind ourselves that all the planets have already cooled.  It is only the Sun, still burning and releasing lot of energy into the open area.   In my view, Sun is not a burning firewood but burning charcoal only.  Energy released by Sun is simply maintaining already created “Energy Base” in the universe. 

In the example, if the marble piece is rolled on the rubber sheet, it start moving towards the bowling ball. Let us assume that all the planets are existing at different locations at exact locations.  It is true that our universe is moving to an unknown place.  Suppose if the Sun and Earth, let us assume that are in inertial position, then Sun rays touches Earth directly and are not bent.  Now, in case, due to weight or whatever reasons it may if the Sun moves forward, Sun rays slopes and touches Earth at a different place. 

Due to Gravity, planets have already lost weight and are in weightless condition.  When the Sun rays touches Earth in a sloped manner, force or pressure is exerted and Earth start rotating against its axis.  Here rotation is against Sun rays and therefore moves forward.  Here rotation also paves the way for revolution also. 

Rotation and revolution again depends on the Gravity of the Earth.  Suppose if the Gravity of the Earth is strong, then even a small change in the energy movement can cause rotation.  If the Gravity is weak, then it fails to respond and rotation slows down and naturally revolution also. 

It is also true that Energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Most of the planets are still burning deep inside and releasing lot of energy into open area.  This energy, creates pressure on the Sun energy, which entered our atmosphere.   It start exerting pressure/force on Sun energy moving towards Earth.  Suppose, for any reason if the Energy coming from Sun increases, automatically its impact is felt on the rotation and revolution of the Earth.  If there is no change in other things, Earth is pushed to new distance.  In case, if the energy coming from Sun weakens, now energy moving from Earth plays key role, it pushes Sun energy further and moves towards Sun.

Independent existence and functioning of any planet mainly depends on its Gravity and not on the size of the planet.  Sub planets such as Moon are not having strong gravity.  Since Earth started rotating, strong energy rays moving from Earth hits Moon at a different place and in a sloped manner.

At present we are of the opinion that Dark energy is influencing gravity.  This is incorrect.  In my view Dark energy gets force/pressure due to the force/pressure of energy only.  Ok, let us analyse it with a simple test known to us.  Let us take water in a plastic bucket, close it by another bucket.  If we create vacuum in between, water start raising.  Here, it is not due to the force or pressure of Dark energy, but due to the energy only.  Before creating vacuum, strong gravity is already pushing down water.   When vacuum is created gravity fails to create force on the water, it relaxes and raises to new heights.  After creation of vacuum, pressure inside water is high when compared to outside and it tries to occupy the gap and resulting in bubbles.

First of all let me tell you one simple incident which happened in my early days which helped me to recognise this energy base on the Earth. This incident happened when i was 11 or 12 years age.  Ours is a tiles house and total area, bed room, dining, cooking everything in that only.  In severe winter, i.e., may be in the month of January,  that day night i could not get sleep, seeing at my suffering father called on me to come near to him and he was sleeping near to the kitchen.  When i went there, it was surprise to note that it was hot and wet.  When asked father replied, firewood is still burning.  But i could not find any firewood burning, removed ashes and found coal in red colour.  Cooking was stopped in the evening itself, however this small amount of fire, that too deep inside ashes was able to save so much area.  In fact, i did not slept that night and started measuring area.  This is the method and the way by which our space time is warping us.

Ok, let me explain in detail, this incident to creation of Gravity on Earth.  After local Big bang, Earth shed huge energy into open area.  In this process total hydrosphere was moved to other corner.  Slowly, when planet started cooling, hydrosphere moved to Earth.  But due to radiation, most of the water evoparated and developed as a space fabric.  In this process certain amount of Energy got blocked on the Earth and is known as “Energy base”. 

It is indeed surprise to note, but fact only that Earth is like a charcoal completely covered by ash still burning deep inside and releasing lot of energy into the open area.

Due to the radiation, caused by the “Energy base”, water particles are evaporated and are moving into space.  Earth is releasing most of the energy at the centre only and this in turn raising radiation and water particles are moving to new heights.  Suppose if we move towards poles, Earth is already cooled to a great extent, water particles are not raising as is done at the centre of Earth.  Total hydrosphere came down to Earth and this is what we are referring as “Missing Inch”.

Due to the force/pressure of huge energy concentrated at the centre of the Earth, water particles moves at a faster rate to new height.  But this radiation goes on weakening as we move towards poles and water particles movement is slowed down.  Due to this space time is curved.  Other tiny and light particles also moves into space, but due to the pressure or force of gravity, it is far limited. 

Actually, in my view there is no gravity curve as thought by Newton and supported by Einstein.  If this is true means, all the planets must have equal gravity, irrespective of other conditions.  But this is not happening so. 

In fact water particles or other particles are not moving that much easily.  Due to the force or pressure of radiation, water particles evoparates and start moving.  Suppose if the radiation is high, it pushes water particles to new heights.  Water particles follows geodesics at the curved space time only.  These particles joins other existing particles in the space and gets weight and start creating pressure on the Energy base.  This is what we are referring as “Gravity”.   

In all curved space time where concentration of energy is more and the gap between Earth and space time is also more, resulting in high gravity.  At all high hill areas where gap goes on decreasing, and thus gravity.

Due to the force or pressure of water particles, “Energy base” in turn is accelerating against objects on the Earth equally.  This is not working as electric force because electrons are made to flow in any particular route or way.  Total energy is existing in general or loosely with force or pressure and in wide area.  But due to the pressure or force of particles, in turn it is accelerating against all objects.  There is continuous flow of energy from the centre of the Earth  towards poles.

Suppose if any person accelerates downwards along with the ball, immediately within short time he transforms away from gravity.  So, Einstein equated Gravity with acceleration.  This is 100% correct.  The time or gap up to which one can transform away from gravity again depends on the gravity force.  Suppose if the gravity is weak, you can transform away within short time and if it is strong, it takes more acceleration. 

Suppose if you are in a house which catches fire, radiation spreads to all the corners.  In case if you are in inertial position, radiation gives more trouble.  Suppose if you start moving from one corner to other corner, temporarily you can transform away from radiation.  This is the way and method by which equivalence principle is working.

It is true that mass contains very small amount of energy, but when detonated huge amount of energy comes out and it is a big surprise to scientists at the dawn of 20th century.  Einstein equated mass with energy and proposed            E = MC2. 

Basically we must remember that any explosion mainly depends or varies according to gravity.  Suppose if we detonate 1 ton atom bomb on Earth and on Moon, amount of energy released differs from Earth to moon.  For that any explosion in open area where Gravity is high, differs to an explosion in deep caves where gravity is weak.  Any explosion mainly depends on the amount of energy released by mass and the amount of energy in the open area and the pressure with which it is present.

Ok, if we cross our Earth atmosphere, here energy is present without any pressure.  If we detonate the same atom bomb it may not give same results as on Earth.  Since energy is present on all sides equally, explosion also spreads to all sides equally.  Amount of energy released is also far limited.

Why, same mass when detonated on Earth, Moon and in space differs. For that if we cross our universe, in between two universes which is void and nothing exists.  If we detonate an atom bomb, here detonation itself  is impossible and there is no question of explosion.  When we equate Energy to Mass, it must be equal at all places. 

Other important theories, Gravity bound:

01   Fire: 
I still remember, simple practical example carried out by our teacher at the early school days.  He lighted a candle, closed it by a glass and when the fire put off, he started explaining how things need oxygen.  But my mind never accepted this.  In my view the glass is coming in between and turning out as an obstruction.  In my view oxygen may burn, it does not mean or matter that it aids burning. 

Basically we must remember that fire varies according to Gravity and not oxygen.  In my view it warrants lot of research.

02   Electromagnetic circles:
When the teacher started explaining,  how the electromagnetic circles are formed when the electricity flows in a cable, my mind immediately posed a big doubt.   When the electricity comes out to form electromagnetic circles, how it is flowing.   In my view, if the electricity comes out to form Electromagnetic circles than it is big loss and electricity must stop flowing within short time.

In my view, Electromagnetic circles are not by the electricity flowing in the cable, but due to the outside energy present in the open area, due to attraction or whatever reasons it may and it varies according to gravity. 

In my view it warrants lot of research in this angle also.

03   Light:
Light is also another important thing influenced by Gravity.  When gravity bents light, how can we say that light is not influenced by gravity.  If we switch on a torch light it gives lot of light.  Actually small amount of energy released by cells is being multiplied.  We must remember that light varies according to gravity. 

Gravity is so much important subject that number of other theories are inter dependent on it.  Newton’s inverse square law is 100% correct.  When the apple fell on the ground, as his mind was focused on inverse square law, he thought that the Earth is pulling things towards it and he simply extended it as universal law of gravitation.

Relativity helped Einstein to come out of this and he carried out number of tests, time dilation, gravitational lensing and others.  He moved Earth to Space time as responsible for gravity.  But he could not locate the exact source or medium by which it is happening.   General relativity is far superior and extra-ordinary.  However he left it as an unfinished agenda.

Post by: pasala on 08/07/2017 16:30:22
It is true that if all the people are going by one route and if any body crosses this and moves by another route it appears to be erratic and wrong.  In the olden days, villages use to laid down certain rules and regulations and if any body crosses, he will not be allowed to talk with others. 

Ok, there is a need to discuss how the space time is warping the things on the Earth.  It is true that Gravity is nothing but warping of space time.  For a simple question, why space is blue, Einstein replied that space is completely filled with particles. It is true that  both the sky and the ocean get their blue colour from white sunlight being scattered from the tiny molecules that make up our atmosphere and our oceans. The atmosphere is made from various gases - about 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon, with several other gases.  These gases are, in turn, made up of many molecules.

These micro particles are curving the space time and in turn it is warping the things on the Earth.  To warp objects on the Earth, space can do it by a medium or by an other object only.  Presence of particles in the space time cannot warp by themselves.  They are turning out as an obstruction in the free movement of energy and resulting in the creation of stored energy.  This is the way and method by which space is warping.

This is what Einstein said, but without source or medium and of course i had added energy as a source.

Ok, i may not be correct, share it and widen the horizons of science so that new things will come out.