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Title: Can DNA evolution switches in transparent animals change electron energy levels?
Post by: Nicholas Lee on 09/07/2016 07:55:36
Can DNA switches in transparent animals like glass frog, and jellyfish trigger electrons to change energy levels in tissue.
In glass, and liquids electrons have energy levels that do not absorb visible light.
As atoms make covalent bonds to form molecules energy levels change.
What makes electron energy levels change (electron voltage requirement to absorb certain wavelengths of EM) is a behaviour of the electron that can be observed, but physicist's cannot explain the eV change in the electron, as molecules come together to form molecules.
Or why certain wavelengths of light only get absorbed, and emission by electrons.
But translucent animals like glass frog, jellyfish, Phronima, Barreleye fish have evolved to be translucent.
Its like the DNA switches through evolution, can change the electrons energy level, to change the eV requirement of the electron, for light to transmission to become translucent.
So in these animals, from being a animal that was originally opaque to light, it has now evolved to be translucent.
The Barreleye fish is s clear example of this with its eyes being INSIDE its head.
So can DNA switches change electron energy levels in electrons.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words. [:D]
Title: Re: Can DNA evolution switches in transparent animals change electron energy levels.
Post by: puppypower on 09/07/2016 12:37:49
Water is transparent with transparent animals having more water in many of their tissues. If you dry a jelly fish it will lose transparency.

Jello powder is made from the hide and bones of animals, both of which are opaque. It contains amino acids that can be used to fix water until you get a semi-solid that is transparent.