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Title: Why do we kiss?
Post by: thedoc on 15/10/2013 19:31:36
Oxford researcher Rafael Wlodarski has been quizzing people about their kissing habits and what it actually means to them.
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here (

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Title: Re: Why do we kiss?
Post by: Pmb on 22/10/2013 07:11:55
Why do we kiss? Easy. Because we can. :)
Title: Re: Why do we kiss?
Post by: RD on 22/10/2013 07:26:03
a similar question ...
Title: Re: Why do we kiss?
Post by: Sherwood Forester on 05/01/2014 09:44:19

Racing Pigeons kiss quite frequently, it last for about 5 seconds, and takes place after the cock bird indicates to the hen that he fancies a spot of sex with her, the hen signals her acceptance by bowing down slightly and shuffling herself towards him to have a quick snog. After the kissing takes place the hen then squats down and is treaded by the cock bird, following this sexual encounter they both strut about looking rather pleased with themselves and the cock bird often flies off for a celebration fly past around the pigeon loft. It may well be there is a connection between humans kissing and this act between birds.