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Title: How does the brain control our handwriting?
Post by: John Obebe on 09/09/2016 01:04:03
Hello everyone. I always love to be here. I've been thinking about this:

what's the issue about our handwriting. why do we write things in a unique or characteristic way?

Then how does the brain work to give us that particular handwriting. I believe it's not genetic.

Then is it true it likely represent our personality in any way, like cool guys having good handwriting.
Title: Re: How does the brain control our handwriting?
Post by: Villi on 09/09/2016 01:30:54
I would say writing is mostly learned/nurtured and not genetic, but we have had fine precision tool use for millions of years, so maybe some genetic elements for fine motor skills evolved for us to write better thus far.

Basically, to write requires several motor neurons extending from the hand to the brain. Vision allows for us to control and correct our muscles with these neurons to write. There's lots of muscle memory involved as well since our handwriting is consistent every time we write.

Our psychology could have an affect on our writing. Some people might prefer one style of lettering (blocky versus cursive) based on their personal preferences. I don't think there has been research confirming that cool people have good hand writing.