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Title: Help Me With My Ultimate Offensive and Defensive Team
Post by: Voxx on 25/02/2013 20:03:20
This is for my SF book and would like some help with my Esper portion.

Aaricia: Telepath/Telekinesis (although it is really in-between universal plains energy she is manipulating)  Helps the team with very high defense, selective physical offense, and very high offensive illusions/delusions.

Issues: Very dark past with family which engraves deep mental/emotional scars inside her mind; being a telepath she keeps pieces of every mind she touches and has to store it behind walls that can cause severe personality changes if broken(mostly causing uncontrollable frenzied rage).  Mental contact overload; basically in contact with too many minds, causing her to sporadically shift her thoughts to synchronize with theirs (she thinks she is thinking what they are thinking; I kind of lost myself for a second writing that...).

Liz: Spacial Time ability (basically in it's usual de-over powered state Teleportation/Dimensional Manipulation)  She basically is the teams maneuverability in most cases.  She is the person who keeps the group in good positions, offensively attacks when needed and on the rare occasion full out dominates the battlefield.

Issues: Having such a (normally) incalculable ability means she has a very unstable mind.  To counter act this she has been trained to separate her mind states into alternate personalities that can be shifted by saying her different nicknames.  Lizaline (Most powerful and very darkly oriented); Lizi, (psychopathic glee filled state of murder); Liz, (Normal tea loving carefree girl that can take a sudden turn if her tea is spoken badly of).

Helena: Electromaster (Ability to alter, enhance, manipulate, electrons/protons, electromagnetic fields, and magnetic fields within her environment)  Mainly powerhouse/strategist of the team.

Vivian (Helena's little sister): Biokinetic (Absolutely anything that has to do with biology manipulation; healing, genetic alteration, disease, anything).  Vivian is basically the highest power level potential as she can alter her own dna to take on other races characteristics.

Issues: She hates killing or harming, but will do what her sister says.  The biology manipulation can be really hard to stabilize and can cause delusions. 


     Aaricia: Illusionist/Defensive
     Liz: Maneuverability
     Helena: Powerhouse (Offensive)/Strategist
     Vivian: Healer/subtle offensive

Now, what am i missing in this lineup to make it perfect?
Title: Re: Help Me With My Ultimate Offensive and Defensive Team
Post by: imatfaal on 26/02/2013 14:07:13
You are missing a tank - the dumb lump who soaks up attack relentlessly
Title: Re: Help Me With My Ultimate Offensive and Defensive Team
Post by: Voxx on 26/02/2013 17:09:26
I could work that into Aaricia's role; telekinetic shielding can be a (semi-tank) in most cases.  Also Vivian can basically tank and heal at the same time, being a biokinetic.
Title: Re: Help Me With My Ultimate Offensive and Defensive Team
Post by: Voxx on 03/03/2013 02:01:55
A thought that I will need to study more scientifically in depth on; what about having someone able to shift density (tank)?


Intangibility (maybe?)
Extreme Durability/Strength (weight behind him/her)
Float or maybe even walk on air
Maybe condense size or expand?
Possibly even viscosity manipulation?
Pressure manipulation.


Only able to change density content on physical (skin) contact.
Could result in unwanted effects and once a density is changed he/she would have to restore it (it wont automatically return to normal mass).
Need to consume a lot of mass (as using such an ability would severely harm one's energy content).

Can you guys think of any hampers, limits, or other possible things that could come out of this ability?