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Title: Myoglobin
Post by: dr.satan on 14/05/2007 21:08:26
I was wondering today whether it would be possible to isolate myoglobin from the blood of a deep diving sea mammal, and cultivate it to inject into humans - therefore giving us a possibility of staying underwater longer - a helpful remedy for one of the harry potter tasks in the 4th film/book!!!! not that i am interested just happen to know that..... [:-X] [:-X] [:-X] anyway, anybody that knows, please share, because i would love to stay underwater for a long time without a big o2 tank. [O8)]
Title: Myoglobin
Post by: RenRen on 02/02/2008 05:58:35
It's actually not in the myoglobin, Dr. Satan, your evil-ness. It's all in the ability to regulate your metabolism and how your brain uses up oxygen... Try these two great resources: AND