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Title: Stranger Things
Post by: Pseudoscience-is-malarkey on 18/04/2021 13:57:11
Anyone finding time to watch it? Working for the National Archives at my home for the past 13 months has allowed me to binge watch shows. A frequent scene on this show set in the 1980s are arcades, and nothing, with the exception of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the song Whip It! fills me unwanted nostalgia.
About the arcades... Even in those videogame halls, the show has extradimensional beings ominously lurking in what was supposed to be safe places for youngsters. I can relate to this, sort of... When I was a kid we were always warned to stay away from out of place adults. And we were especially warned to not accept quarters from them, which many videogame addicted kids felt was impossible to obey. There were, of course, strings attached. These subtly, kid stalking adults demanded in return that they perform imperturbable handsy sex acts. Anyone familiar with this?

p.s Most of the "Stranger Danger" lectures we got were bullshit scare tactics. But this arcade thing seemed to be legitimate.