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Title: What can Clean Cook Stoves, that make Biochar, do for Subsistance Farmers?
Post by: erich on 28/01/2015 21:05:04
The energy penalty of conserving 25% of the biomass Carbon as char is compensated for by an overall 40% increase in cooking efficiency over open burning. So no additional biomass is needed, plus chips, sticks, crop waste and other biomass, like invasive Hyacinth & Prosopis juliflora, other than forest wood can be utilized.

The World Bank Study;
Biochar Systems for Smallholders in Developing Countries:
Leveraging Current Knowledge and Exploring Future Potential for Climate-Smart Agriculture

has very exacting analysis of biomass usage & sources.

A simple extrapolation made from the Kenyan stove project, assuming  250M TLUDs, (Top Lite Up-Draft stoves), for the roughly 1 billion folks world wide now using open burning.
1 TLUD per Household of 6,
Producing 0.52 tons char/Household/yr, X 250M = 130 Mt Char/yr.
Showing soil sequestration of 130 Million tons of Biochar per year, could be achieved just from cooking.

In terms of CO2e, these 250M Households would reduce 825M Tons of CO2e annually.

The cascading pulmonary health benefits for woman & children is the very thick icing on this 0.825 GtCO2e Carbon Cake.