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Title: Mike and timey "Equivalancy in Relativity"
Post by: GoC on 05/03/2017 13:52:07

   Timey has allot of correct ideas but her format is wrong. her temporal idea of time being the cause of gravity is incorrect. Time is a measure of the ratio between Pe and Ke of a frame. You cannot say the measurement of gravity is the cause of gravity. First you have to consider what is being dilated in GR. That would be energy c as total energy available. While c is a constant (of total energy available) mass creates an affect on the energy state by dilation of energy changing the Pe density state of the spectrum causing gravity from the single atom to the galaxies.

Equivalency is in the photon to electron ratio.
1. GR dilation changes the electron travel distance through space. Mass expands and contracts based on the amount of mass and the position of that mass in relation to the other mass. The dilation is greatest in the center of mass where the electron travel distance is the greatest. When we measure the tick rate in the center of mass using the electron cycle the measurement duration between ticks increase and reaction rate of that frame slows. Mass is attracted to the expanded energy state because dilation of mass creates less friction with energy. So the Pe in the center of mass becomes less due to dilation of energy. If you are in the center of a planet and move towards the surface the Pe increases and the Ke decreases relative to total c energy.
2. SR vector speed the electron is traveling through space and cycling at the same time. Total c divides its energy between cycle time and vector motion. The division is between Ke vector speed and Pe total available motion.

The equivalency between GR and SR is in the temporal measurement of a frames clock. Clocks are only a measurement of Pe available.

The equivalency between SR and GR is in the cycle time of the electron in the form of energy available as c (represented as a Photon for total energy).

Now lets test that statement.

If mass could have a vector speed of the SOL all of the energy for the electron would be in the forward direction and non left for the cycle of the electron. The measurement of time would stop.
Mechanical and light clocks tick the same in every frame.
If the mass of a light clock could have a vector speed at the speed of light the photon would use all of its motion between the clocks and none for the bounce between the clocks. So the measurement of time would stop.
So can we agree clocks only measure the potential energy of a frame?

And timey is on the correct path of temporal relationship with gravity. But it is all in the gamma term of relativity for dilation.

The proof for energy being of the spectrum and not of mass is in the deceleration of mass. Deceleration causes gravity and your clock tick rate increases!!!

The center of a planet is equivalent to the inertial speed of a ship in space after acceleration. That is equivalency and measured by the tick rate in that frame.

Ignore me if you like. But what Einstein felt he was missing is a mechanical cause for relativity. Relativity itself I recognize as quite complete in its mathematics and description of what we observe. Failure of Relativity is choosing the wrong understanding of Relativity.

timey your h changes angle in different dilation and vector motions. Your base is total c which can never be measured as fixed using mass or the photon.

We only have equivalency between Pe measurement in GR and SR by the use of clocks. Its always a ratio between Pe and Ke in a frame.

BH;s are total Ke void of Pe.