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Title: Why do electrons move?
Post by: GoC on 13/06/2017 11:36:56
Title: Re: Why do electrons move?
Post by: GoC on 13/06/2017 16:13:31
No answer I the correct answer so far. But what do we know. Really nothing. All we can do is use logic based on the experiences of others and ourselves. In my experience there are only three possibilities of which two are in my mind the least likely. Mechanical transfer, magic or God. So yes I chose mechanical transfer. Some suggest the atom stored its energy from the Big Bang. I consider the BB with magic so that is off the table for me. Lets look at motion itself from where does that come? Other motion of course. Fundamental motion would be energy. c is the constant so energy has a limit of c. Time is always measured by c because the electron cycle stays in step with c. The photons distance is always measured by a light second. How we measure distance is with light so it becomes somewhat circular logic in the first place. But the point is Fundamental Energy c is a limit for motion that our logic in the scientific community seems to agree. So we have time measurement and motion distance in a relationship with c energy potential. The energy potential c is greatest in the absence of mass. Is it logical to assume energy comes from mass if its greatest potential is in space with the absence of mass? I believe we have to call it as logic sees it. Energy is of space and not mass which brings us full circle. What causes motion in the atoms electron? Logic would suggest an energy structure to transfer motion to the electron and photon creation of a wave propagating through energy c. The spectrum of energy c would have many wave representations of particles making scientists suspect everything is a form of wave. Electrons do not travel through vector space at c but the representative beta wave does. So we have a possibility of a spectrum of energy controlling mass while space energy c bends to accommodate motion it causes to mass.

Physics does not care what man believes or does not believe.