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Title: Could photons have a "dark companion"?
Post by: Vincent Risi on 06/02/2011 20:30:03
Vincent Risi  asked the Naked Scientists:
Just recently I was watch a very interesting science television episode, which demonstrated the twin slit experiment very well.  The footage showed how using a laser to fire one photon at a time, we could over a period see the photon hitting the back panel making 3 lines. The distribution appeared to be more or less 25% 50% 25%.

This go me to think about this solitary photon and wondering if it did not have a "dark" companion which caused the influence of how it hit the back panel.  I do not understand what sort of sensor is used as an observer which causes it to go from 3 lines on the back panel to just 2 lines, but is it not possible that the observer filters out the "dark" companion and then the photons path is not interfered with and this causes the 2 lines as 50% 50%? Considering that when the dark companion is present and the photon and it go through the same slot
25% of the time for each side.

What do you think?