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Title: How do you measure algae capture of CO2?
Post by: maricruzcampos on 01/02/2019 12:22:39
Raquel says:

I'm a high school in Montreal and I have a Science Fair coming up. My partner and I wish to create a system that tests the effectiveness of algae to capture carbon dioxide.

We thought we would use a high-pressure air cylinder to transport the air from the surroundings into two "boxes". The first one would be empty, and would have a carbon dioxide sensor on it. The second would contain algae and also have a CO2 sensor on it. We would thus be able to calculate how much the insertion of algae could affect CO2 levels.

What sort of "boxes" would we need for this? Could anyone help us narrow down which specific materials we would need and how to carry out a procedure?

Can you help?
Title: How do microwaves behave
Post by: EdwardDub on 24/03/2019 00:12:51
So how can the information in the universe continue to expand enough to preserve the past if the expansion of the size of the universe is slowing down?