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Title: Is the ability to hold one's breath for a long time a measure of health?
Post by: Caleb on 13/01/2015 04:19:02
I am a 65-year-old fat  (218 pounds, about 5'11" in height) white male, and before I went up our stairs tonight for 20 minutes, I was able to exhale and make a noise for 54 seconds. (A fairly high-pitched tone -- in the past, I've discovered that low pitched tones use a lot more wind-- but it went on and on  and my poor wife commented on it to me as well.)

Going up and down my stairs (with bent knees and holding a 12 pound weight), I also held my breath regularly, both going up the stairs and this time, holding my breath also going down the stairs. It took me about 10 minutes before I started perspiring reasonably heavily. About four days ago, I went up and down the stairs and did not bend my knees, but when I did so, I suddenly started perspire heavily, at about   10 minutes.)

I've posted here before on exercising with holding one's breath, and I do believe that this is a very useful form of exercise.

But does anyone know whether being able to breathe out a note for a long time actually means anything important? In terms of health, etc.

Does anyone know the data show on this issue?