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Title: With the ground state filled, do electrons in higher shells transmission light
Post by: Nicholas Lee on 18/07/2016 19:11:42
.... every time because their energy levels are in a range that does not absorb visible light.
Electron energy levels change depending on what shell level their in, so with some atoms haveing their ground state completely filled with 2 electrons, does this means the other electrons in other higher shell levels, have energy level requirements that will transmission visible light always.
Like if these electrons in higher shell levels energy requirement was around 1.5 eV, which ultraviolet wavelengths of 350 to 200nm would only get absorbed.
So basically what I am asking is does any atom with its ground state completely filled, have electrons in higher shell levels that have a electron voltage requirement of around 1.5 electron volts to transmission light every time.
I want to know of electrons in some atoms transmission light every time, while other electrons in the same atom absorb every time.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words.