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Title: Episteme Spacecraft
Post by: alphan on 29/07/2012 12:54:33
My name is Alphan Vardarlı, I am a philosopher and artist from İstanbul, Turkey. I have been working on a project called "Episteme Spacecraft" for the last three years.
The current scientific approach in our world is one of specialization and narrowly defined aims, this helps the furthering of science as well as supporting the evidence based on experiment. One area that all different scientific disciplines come together is space and its exploration. It is in this area that we see how scientific specialization and narrowly defined aims stop short of providing for a natural voyage, habitation and exploration. By natural I have in mind the technology of a seaworthy ship on Earth, although sea is not habitable by humans the ship provides us with the same conditions as on land for voyage, habitation and exploration. So how could we explore space “naturally”; zero gravity and space radiation are the two factors that are currently holding us back. I have in mind a holistic approach, where by infinite energy, life specific gravity and a universal AI are within our reach.
This is from when I began writing;
(what am I doing here, the undertaking)
When Foucault coined the term episteme that coin became a currency. Episteme appeared at the turning points of human history as a human creation, a work which created such a focality (due to the focality of the eye that gathered and put it together) that all human understanding of itself and its every aspect of relation changed.  I claim that with the industrial revolution we have reached an era whereby the focalities that created epistemes are localities and failures, and that now for a new episteme one would need to construct an episteme through walking to these localities, sitting there for a while figuring its focalities and all failed directions and futures. This is the world of Bouvard et Pécuchet by Gustave Flaubert. This is an impossible walk, and undertaking this as a task would require finding a space within one where one could sit out of all these localities; a future, a hope.
•         Bill Cosby during a standup show says the following;
-Build me an Ark!
-What is an ark?
The idea has many levels; it begins by basic correlation on biological basis and moves up to finding out about gravity of living organisms which in turn I believe to grant us the production of gravitational machines with infinite and life sustaining energy.
At the beginning we could take the morphology, sound and electrical data and DNA of a living organism and correlate all the data and form a database with as many species as possible and in turn when looking at a new organism we could program that database to produce a DNA from just the image, sound and electrical data (all together or exclusively). Without elaborating further I want to give you the idea for a first test: take the image, electrical impulses and natural sounds and DNA sequence of 1000 types of bacteria. When you test a different type for image, sound and electrical impulse, the correlation data of the 1000 types of bacteria would give you a DNA sequence. The difference between the guessed and actual DNA would give the standard deviation for 1000 types.
The Earth has morphology, electric and sound activity; with a database holding the image, electric, sound and DNA data of as many species as possible one could define the margins where life exists and locate it as algorithm.
How we find life on Earth could be applicable to the Moon (where water was found in the last NASA mission).  We could predict location and DNA of living organisms there and were we to find a living species there, the difference between the prediction data and the actual data would give us the standard deviation for the Moon. Symbiosis is central to this idea and could be defined as planetary symbiosis, planetary system symbiosis, solar system symbiosis, galaxy symbiosis and universe based symbiosis.
The conversion of Earth's morphology, electric and sound data to DNA through a database containing as many species as possible would give us the fundamental laws and code of what I call the "World of Love". I am thinking that we would have AI as a code that could be made operational.  Every inch of the world could be uniquely identified with a particular resonation of life in relation to the life it sustains. So for example it should be possible to create location based attractions to vehicles; one could entune a vehicle in NY for the resonation of LA and this would create an attraction. The qualities of this attraction would be life sustaining and not draining. The life specific resonation would actually create an expectation for the vehicle in LA.
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Thank you for reading.
With Kind Regards,
Alphan Vardarlı