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Title: Is this a black hole?
Post by: ScientificAngel on 21/08/2005 20:11:20
An electric charge is forced from a magnetic field to turn around a point.
This point simulates a gravitational mass.
If a mass is situated in this circle it will receive a global force
that will push it where is the pseudo mass.
Is it a simple black hole or only a simulation..?


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Title: Is this a black hole?
Post by: roboter on 22/07/2008 13:26:18
Black Holes created every galaxy in the universe. without them we would not exist. Every galaxy has a black hole that has gone mostly dormant. Nobody can say for sure what the black holes will do in time but I suspect we will be long gone before there ever is an answer to that question.
Title: Is this a black hole?
Post by: Ian Scott on 22/07/2008 15:57:24
roboter makes good points but perhaps your question is obtuse - the more so the better!

Is magnetism as a force like gravity in some way? It behaves differently but others here can better answer this departure - can gravity and magnetic force be "united" in some way - if I have understood you. The "psuedo mass" might be in this way like a magnetic property and therefore express energy; still we use magnetic force in motors but put energy in to get energy out.

Am I correct to assume you are contemplating prior to a refined theory?