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Title: Should you worry about the latest Cliqz experiment in Firefox Quantum?
Post by: smart on 18/11/2017 21:13:22
It appears Firefox 57 in Germany now ships with a proprietary tracking software known as "Cliqz":

On October 6, 2017, Mozilla announced a test where less than 1% of users downloading Firefox in Germany would receive a version with Cliqz software included. The feature provides recommendations directly in the browser's search field, for news, weather, sports, and other websites, based on the user's browsing history and activities. The press release noted that "Users who receive a version of Firefox with Cliqz will have their browsing activity sent to Cliqz servers, including the URLs of pages they visit," and that "Cliqz uses several techniques to attempt to remove sensitive information from this browsing data before it is sent from Firefox."[8]

According to the Firefox support website, this version of Firefox collects and sends data to the Cliqz corporation including text typed in the address bar, queries to other search engines, information about visited webpages and interactions with them including mouse movement, scrolling, and amount of time spent; and the user's interactions with the user interface of the Cliqz software. This data is tied to a unique identifier allowing Cliqz to track long-term performance. Interaction data collected and sent to the Mozilla corporation includes among other things, counts of visits to search engine pages, which search engines are used, and a Cliqz identifier. The data collection is enabled by default; users must actively opt-out if they do not wish the data to be transmitted.[9]

Cliqz is a company owned by Hubert Burda Media, a global media corporation:

Cliqz also purchased the Ghostery extension for Firefox, a well-known anti-tracking add-on.

So, has Mozilla traded privacy by inserting a proprietary tracking software inside their web browser?

What do you think?
Title: Re: Should you worry about the latest Cliqz experiment in Firefox Quantum?
Post by: smart on 18/11/2017 23:10:59
Thats it. I'm truly mad at Mozilla now.

I have installed Basilisk, a experimental XUL-based fork of Firefox, and it works fine on Windows.

Goodbye Firefox!!!