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Title: Are cold sores always caused by herpes simplex virus type I?
Post by: MayoFlyFarmer on 28/09/2007 15:38:58
I have a question for all of you savvy medical nerds out there.  Are ALL cold sores a symptom of Herpes Symplex Virus 1?  or are only SOME derived from that cause? 

Basically, I had always thought that they were a symptom of HSV1, but could be caused by other things too.  (just like a fever can be a symptom of MANY different types of ailments)  But a friends of mine tried telling me recently that anyone who gets cold sores has Herpes SV1.

Anyone know whether this is true or not.


(and for the record, I've never had a cold sore.....    on ANY part of my body  [;)])
Title: Cold Sores/HSV1
Post by: chris on 29/09/2007 21:46:04
Hi Justin

nice to see you back!

I wrote a detailed article about the herpes simplex virues and cold sores / genital herpes a little while back. Here's the URL

The bottom line is that cold sores are most certainly the consequence of HSV infection, either type I or type II.

Title: Cold Sores/HSV1
Post by: MayoFlyFarmer on 03/10/2007 23:49:11
Thanks for the 411 Chris.  Glad to be back (even if just breifly)  wish i could be around more often.  wow, how the site has grown!
Title: Re: Cold Sores/HSV1
Post by: heliski55 on 09/03/2013 16:14:29
I have tried just about every product/ice/natural cure/etc.  Best thing I have found by far is viradux-coldsore.  You just use it like a chapstick 4x per day and no more gross cold sores.  I think it's fairly new.  Hope this helps!
Title: Re: Are cold sores always caused by herpes simplex virus type I?
Post by: Rystok on 11/03/2013 21:54:22
Where did you find this viradux? After a quick google I can only find websites which, quite simply, I wouldn't trust. Is this product available through a GP? What are the active ingredients?