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Title: New Theory of Big Bang
Post by: terrildactl on 22/11/2011 17:37:22
I have an alternate Big Bang theory. Science can trace back to the big event, and the motions of the universe, from one event, from then on in time. This I agree on. However, I propose that where the big bang happened,a different scenario was happening. What if, in space there were a single area that contained unbelievable amounts of all the matter, and elements, gasses, water, every molecule of all known matter, and every particle of every known elements of the entire universe, was just sitting in space. This would be larger than anything yet imagined, but still believable. Then gravitational forces would bring all of it together. This would eventually have to explode because of the gigantic mass, and the gigantic pressures. A model could be designed to put this theory into motion? This model of the big bang seems more realistic than having a single explosion, create all matter in the whole universe. If there were no matter, what was the fuel of the big bang?  I can not believe the current theory, I haven't for 45 years. Why couldn't all of this matter have been here to begin with?
Title: New Theory of Big Bang
Post by: syhprum on 23/11/2011 14:46:44
This is the familiar bang-crunch theory, the evidence is against it measurements show that remote Galaxy's are receding at an ever increasing rate and gravity will never be strong enough to pull them back together.
in the distant future all will have reseeded to such a distance that their light no longer reach us.
Title: New Theory of Big Bang
Post by: CZARCAR on 23/11/2011 17:30:29
Title: New Theory of Big Bang
Post by: grizelda on 23/11/2011 22:37:57
I'm still sticking to the theory that when we measure the Higg's particle, the Higg's field will immediately expand to the size of the universe, a force that will strip all the nuclear entities down to their elementary nature, supersymmetric, timeless and entropy-free. Then time for another trip around the goldfish bowl. The latest results from the search for the Higg's particle will be out soon. For obvious reasons, I predict they will not have found it.
Title: Re: New Theory of Big Bang
Post by: MikeS on 28/12/2011 07:31:10
The big bang theory may not be perfect but it predicts that all that existed at the very beginning was energy.  Now that is believable and we know the mechanism whereby everything else in the universe can be synthesised from that energy.  That is far more believable than the idea that all atoms and molecules pre existed.  If all molecules pre existed than presumably molecules would have to be conserved, which isn't the case.