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Title: Lighter-- Reflects Cam New Theories Scientists doctors & Inventors accurately?
Post by: Andrew K Fletcher on 13/10/2007 13:04:55
Is it possible to modify the heading lighter for new theories, famous inventors, alternative and complimentary therapies, and that can’t be true? in this section [?]

To the people that have spent many years of their lives postulating hypothesis, forming and testing a new theory and often facing hostility from people who might never dream of questioning anything. I find it mildly offensive that the heading Lighter was chosen to lead onto these often explosive and fascinating subjects. IMO they are not lighter subjects but often far heavier than the mundane drudgery of regurgitating someone else’s thoughts and beliefs in the context that if it is said often and long enough it may become accepted as factual.

I believe the subject Lighter might be interpreted as an invitation to pour a little scorn on anyone attempting to introduce a new theory and is actually counter productive for such an amazing section.

Imagine for example, you have been working on a new theory for 10 years or more, or woke up one morning with a burning desire to solve a major scientific problem and want to find somewhere to introduce it for debate. You find the Nakedscientist foum and think great here is a community that might provide support and understanding so you progress to the sub-heading Lighter and arive at another heading "On Thge Lighetr Side" and have an understanding of English language sufficient to know how innuendo works. 

I believe this would and has discouraged people from daring to question deep seated often erroneous theoretical and unproven scientific bias.
For example:
I was saddened to see a recent newcomer to NS, macrocosmos leaving the forum after just a few posts. I always enjoy hearing another viewpoint to an age-old problem. And Macrocosmos touched a nerve or two when he began criticising established beliefs in the science community.

I think the heading should be changed to “On The Heavier Side” This is where science moves forward. Science does not progress by everyone accepting existing literature! Science progresses because individuals just like macrocosmos et al venture forward with a willingness to pull apart problems and examine them in a different light. Maybe he is wrong, maybe he is right, but at least he is thinking forward and who knows, maybe one day he may well be a truly great scientist. History tells us that when a paradigm shift occurs it is ridiculed and attacked. Often because the originator is an outsider and the “not invented here syndrome” is applied. A little like the stoning clip from The life of Brian, a Monty Python film where everyone throwing stones at an individual is doing so because someone threw the first stone, not really knowing why or even caring about what the outcome of their actions might be.

I have seen others on this forum come forward with perfectly logical attempts at solving age-old problems only to leave the forum.

Do Famous Scientists, Doctors and Inventors belong under a Lighter heading? I think not. These people deserve the highest respect. Even if some of their theories turned out to be incorrect later, they gave it their best shot and for this alone should never be belittled in any way.

Complementary and alternative therapies often provide safe efficient and effective methods of alleviating many troublesome health conditions. Again nothing light about improving a health problem with a natural healing process or dietary change.  My wife has used one of these complimentary products to great effect, some would say even miraculous but the treatment we used was well researched, made a damn site more sense than the surgical approach, which incidentally would have had my wife sign a form saying if she dies the surgeons cannot be held responsible. So we opted for the alternative to the scalpel and are absolutely delighted with the results over several years now. One example I know. Anecdotal, well not really considering we read the anecdotal evidence from the brilliant scientist and doctor and decided what we read showed this simple medicine was safe and had potential to deliver, so we tested it with no vested interests other than relieving my wife’s ongoing problem. It therefore came as little surprise when the doctors predictions brought about the desired effects exactly as he stated they would. How many more people like my wife will it take to make this natural medicine mainstream? I guess because there are no massive financial gains to be had it will take many more years and many more so called anecdotal cases before the surgical approach has been shown to be less effective than a simple application of common sense. 

I hope this can be taken as constructive criticism as this is my only intention writing this.  I believe this NakedScientists forum is wonderful and for the most very helpful and courteous to newcomers. I enjoy having an argument or 3 about points in science also. Maybe I am reading into this “on the lighter side” title a little too much or maybe just trying to be politically correct. But I can assure you it is not nit picking and I think this request deserves some attention. [?]