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Title: Cyclical Gravity Liquid Pressure Air Bubble Pumper Energy Generator
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I have a new energy generation invention idea. (
The Invention is a cyclical energy device to generate electricity. The device uses changes in pressure to generate electricity. As before the device uses a high pressure liquid chamber and a low pressure submarine chamber, and a new chamber called a bottle chamber and a device called a pumper. The liquid chamber is a tall chamber of liquid that opens and closes to a submarine chamber that sits beside the liquid chamber but is a shallower chamber. Each chamber has a different rate of pressure at the bottom of each chamber when they are closed off from each other. The liquid chamber has higher pressure at the bottom because it has a higher volume of liquid in height. But when opened up to each other the pressure from the liquid chamber will be exerted on the submarine chamber. As the liquid chamber opens and closes to the submarine chamber different rates of pressure will be exerted on the submarine chamber. The change in the rates of pressure can be used to power a renewable energy device called a pumper. A bottle chamber sticks above the liquid chamber
An air bubble and liquid pressure system is used to increase pressure on the submarine chamber and liquid chamber when required. When you place a glass upside down in a sink or bucket full of water, then lift the glass slowly up you will see if you can only pull the glass half up out of the sink. So the closed end of the glass is pulled out of the bucket of water. You will see that the water is pulled up above the surface of the water. So water can be sucked up as the glass is pulled up. Above what the level of the water is in the bucket as long as the glass is air tight and the open end of the glass is still in the bucket. You can see that you pull the glass up, with the bottom of the glass still remaining in the water, that liquid will be pulled up inside the glass until you remove the glass from the volume of water in the sink totally. This is the same principle that is used in the device to increase pressure when required. A chamber called the bottle chamber is above the liquid chamber. It rises up and out of the liquid chamber, and contains liquid. It can open and closed to the liquid chamber. As a door is used to close and open the bottle chamber to the liquid chamber when required. The bottle chamber is filled with liquid yet rises above the surface of the liquid in the liquid chamber. As it is air tight at the top. The liquid will sit in the bottle chamber rising above the surface of the liquid in the liquid chamber. The effect of the bottle chamber when open is to increase pressure on the liquid chamber. When it is closed the pressure on the liquid chamber is reduced. When the submarine chamber is open to the liquid chamber the bottle chamber is opened so the pressure in the submarine chamber can be increased and the pumper can then harness more energy. It is important preferable the bottle is closed when the air bubble is being injected into the submarine chamber so that the device does not have to push against the increased pressure from the bottle. And that the size of the air bubble in submarine chamber will have to be larger to take into account how much the liquid in the submarine chamber will expand by when the pressure from submarine chamber and bottle chamber is removed.
The bottle chamber is then opened when the air bubble has been injected into the submarine chamber so that the pressure from the bottle chamber.