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Title: Is "body detoxification" beneficial?
Post by: ryandiener1 on 26/10/2011 08:14:11
Hi there,

You know what it is quite important to learn about the principles of healthy detoxification as well as the energetics of food and how to cleanse year round as part of a healthy diet

NowWhy Detox?

FOOD MATTERS! -- "Our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of a normal body process. Detoxification is one of the body's most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Unfortunately in this day and age, with the pollution found in the air, water and food we eat, our bodies have a hard time keeping up. Our chemicalized diet with too much animal protein, too much saturated and trans fats, too much caffeine and alcohol radically changes our internal ecosystem.

Body systems and organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely over-loaded to the point where toxic material remains inside our tissues. Our bodies try to protect us from dangerous substances by setting it aside, surrounding it with mucous and fat so that it will not cause an imbalance or trigger an immune response (some people carry up to 15 extra pounds of mucous that harbors this waste).

Detoxification through special cleansing diets and colonics is the best way to assist your body's natural self-cleaning system. It is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like cancer,arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue. However, even if your diet is good, a spring cleanse can revitalize your system and rid your body of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. It is a simple three step process."

Ready to revitalize?

This is Dr. Ryan Diener, from Frederick Maryland, I am a newbie here who really enjoy teaching, counseling, and working with my patients to increase awareness in all aspects of their lives, improving their mental and physical well-being and engaging them to live up to their highest potentials.

My pleasure to meet all of you here,

Yours in good health,
Dr. Ryan Diener
Title: Re: Is "body detoxification" beneficial?
Post by: Bored chemist on 26/10/2011 19:13:05
Ironically, people who advocate colonic irrigation are full of sh1t.
Title: Re: Is "body detoxification" beneficial?
Post by: Geezer on 26/10/2011 19:47:26
 [;D] [;D]
Title: Re: Is "body detoxification" beneficial?
Post by: CliffordK on 26/10/2011 23:00:33
Dr. Ryan
Doctor of what?
From Where?
Title: Re: Is "body detoxification" beneficial?
Post by: Don_1 on 29/10/2011 12:52:04
Dr. Ryan
Doctor of what?

I think BC hinted as to his doctorate :-
Quote from: BC

As for from where, the Khazi seems a likely venue.

What a load of utter rubbish.