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Title: What have I learned in (from) life
Post by: xersanozgen on 26/01/2019 15:07:40

What have I learned in (from) life

I was born in (and from) in an endless darkness. I saw the light, I got scared. I cried.
In time I learned to live in (/with) the light.
I saw the darkness, I got scared.
There were some days that I sent my loved ones into the infinite darkness..
I cried.
I learned to live.
I learned that;
birth is the moment that life starts to end,
the part between (the birth and death) is the time that are stolen from death.
I learned the time.
I raced with it.
I learned in (or with) time,
that you can't compete with it, only concede with it.
I learned human.
Later I learned that there are good and bad people,
and then, there are good and bad in every person.
I learned to love.
Then, to trust..
Later, I learned that trust is more permanent than love,
and love is only built on trust.
I learned human skin.
and then I learned there's a soul under the skin.
After that, I learned that soul is actually above the skin.
I learned the universe.
Then I learned the ways of illuminating it.
After that, I learned that you need to illuminate your surroundings if you want to illuminate the universe.
I learned bread (food).
Then that the bread should be produced in peace,
and then, I learned that sharing the bread (equally and fair) is as important as producing it.
I learned how to read.
Then I taught myself how to write..
And after a while, writing taught me who I am..
I learned to go (to leave),
Then I learned how to return,
And then I learned how to leave again, despite myself..
I learned to challenge the world (on my own) at an early age..
Then, I thought I should walk with the crowds in unity.
Later, I realized that I should actually walk against the crowds.
I learned to think.
Then I learned to think the way they told me.
Then I learned that the healthy thinking is unconditioned thinking. (Thinking in freedom, without being under the influence of people).
I learned the importance of honor (also honesty/purity) at home..
Then I learned it's dishonesty to expect honesty from dishonest people,
and the real honesty (honor) is not touching it when the sin is right under your hand.
One day, I learned the truth.
And that the truth is bitter (painful)..
Later, I learned that the right amount of bitter (pain) gives life a taste just like spice gives taste to a meal.
I learned that all living (creatures) will taste the death (one day), but only some of them will taste (learn) living..
Title: Re: What have I learned in (from) life
Post by: VinsonPerez on 31/03/2021 16:35:21
hi all
Title: Re: What have I learned in (from) life
Post by: marklivin on 20/09/2021 15:27:42
These are wonderful lessons you have learned for yourself. I learned that you should never feel sorry for yourself. You need to be strong and sometimes endure difficulties in order to enjoy the result later. He recently wrote a study together with the EduBirdie service, in which he showed how much guilt affects a person and when he feels sorry for himself or allows other people to feel sorry for himself.