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Title: Are blood groups relevant to Covid-19 prognosis?
Post by: katieHaylor on 02/11/2020 15:18:54
Elizabeth asks:

Why are there no stats readily available in the UK about how the different blood groups are affected by Covid-19? I have read various online articles from other countries that suggest it attacks blood group A quite badly, whilst those with blood group O get a milder version of the virus or no symptoms at all.

If this is the case, why are we not shielding blood group A people and letting blood group O people continue to keep the economy running?

What do you think?
Title: Re: Are blood groups relevant to Covid-19 prognosis?
Post by: Zer0 on 27/03/2021 08:46:46
Hello Elizabeth,

Perhaps UK is at a slightly Higher level of Consciousness & Conscience in comparison to Other countries, hence perhaps no such Conflicting articulated data might be readily available.
( I Disagree it ain't available atall or is being purposefully suppressed or hidden...if One Seeks hard enough, they say, One could even find GOD...Then what is mere statistical data, just a piece of cake)

All supposed " Medical Articles or Research Studies " that You might have come across have a Finite & Limited number of participants & Do Not take the whole set of Billions of people into consideration.

I could soo easily, or rather You yourself too could analyse 100 left handers VS 100 right handers n sum up a " Claim " that Covid19 affects a specific group more than others.
(The claim would fit Our observations but have no relation in regards to the population of the whole world)

Also...Did Those articles Not mention that...
" Perhaps O blood type might be sturdy n stern in fighting off against Covid19 "
" Perhaps A blood type might be more susceptible & at considerably higher risk "

     The KeyWords in such Articles which should Not be missed are
" Perhaps " & " Might "...
Which Simply means there is a Possiblity of it happening, But it canNot be Ascertained.

A personal question, if i may...
After reading all such so called medical articles...
Would You personally force an individual in Your own immediate family to go out n shop for the rest..
Just because they are O Blood Type???

Has not a single " A Blood Type " individual ever caught the virus, got infected but not seriously affected, & just stayed indoors at HOME & RECOVERED?

Has not a single " O Blood Type " individual ever caught the virus, got infected & seriously affected, & LOST their LIFE?

So ideally all A types should be given free rationing supplies & additional financial gains & be privileged to sit at home & relax?
All the O types should be sent right to the front lines of battlefields as they are supposedly sum sorta mutant super soldiers?
People say Alot of things nowadays, Critical Thinking is a Boon!

P.S. - Apologies for the Extremely delayed response...Not that We do not care...We are just caught up like the rest.
Title: Re: Are blood groups relevant to Covid-19 prognosis?
Post by: biologybrain12 on 07/04/2021 08:21:35
I think, this is really problematic. As Zer0 already said, there is so much insecurity about this and you cannot transfer this phenomenon on all people around the world, because there are always exceptions and individual cases.
But nevertheless, for me it would be just interesting to know, if my blood groups has an influence of a possible covid disease. My bloss group is 0 negative....
Title: Re: Are blood groups relevant to Covid-19 prognosis?
Post by: Bored chemist on 07/04/2021 08:35:51
Are blood groups relevant to Covid-19 prognosis?
Possibly not.