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Title: Pressure effect on time
Post by: puppypower on 12/06/2017 11:44:19
One important consideration is pressure, which will change the phases of matter and therefore the medium by which the information in transferred. For example, in our sun's core you will not find much visual light information, because the material medium conditions are not conducive. If I sent a projected image of someone; in visible light, to the core of the sun, never mind a black hole, that image will have complete loss, since the phases of matter changes causing the medium for data transfer to change to where it becomes opaque.

The gamma information that defines the fusion core of the sun also suffers loss by the time it reaches the surface. The sun does not radiate gamma on the surface at the rate this information is released by the core. Again, it has to do with pressure and phases of matter which become the medium for data transmission.

What is interesting about pressure is it has the impact of causing time to go the opposite direction of General Relativity  affects. The center of the sun has the most time dilation, where clocks run slowest. On the other hand, if you look at pressure, the core of the sun is the place of the fastest frequency energy quanta and the fastest material transitions; gamma and nuclear. Time,based on natural clocks, runs faster.

As we move from the core, the space-time well will cause time to flow faster, while the material and radiation transition frequencies get slower and slower; visible, IR and radio waves.

In both cases, distance runs in the same direction. Distance is most contacted in the core due to GR as well as with  pressure, The opposite is true of GR and pressure related time. This impacts information, especially if you use wave transmissions where frequency can become ambiguous to wavelength.