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Title: False cure spam
Post by: leonardshirin on 19/10/2021 13:22:47
I WANT TO USE THIS OPPORTUNITY  TO SAY A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO Dr Spammy, My name is Leonard Shirin i am so happy to share this testimony on how Dr.spammy  healed me from genital herpes. i was detected with genital herpes around 10th may 2019, and ever since that day i have been looking for a way to end this virus from my body, but the more i try, the more i was told there was no solution. Few months ago i saw a testimony of some people on how Dr Spammy   cure them from HERPES VIRUS, i also heard about it on media when a young lady also gave her testimony saying Dr spammy cured her oral herpes. I was left with no other hope than to contact Dr spammy and give him a try. I contacted him  and told him what i was going through. He said he could heal me, that he is going to send me a herbal medicine and He sent the medicine as he promised. I took this herbal medicine for 1 week and it was obvious that his medicine was for real, because the herpes started clearing from my body. Later at  the 2 week, i went for medical check up and i was surprised when my doctor told me he found no trace of the virus in me again. At first when he told me, i was so shock and still did not believed until he gave me my test result. to make my story short i am now free from herpes, after many months of sorrow and my sickness is gone, i thank God for leading me to this man, and i want to also lead you to him if you have any illness like HIV, HPV, hepatitis B, asthma, cancer, Diabetes, COLD SCORE,TOOTH ACHE  FIBROID and AUTISM even raise your dead cat to life.  You can email him on or whats-app  him on +67222233337777888@.  visit him on his website: