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Title: Tags
Post by: lunascientists1 on 13/02/2021 08:34:20
Hey everyone !

I always see that you can post tags to your comment or theme. Sometimes it says "be the first one to tag this post". I just wanted to ask if tags have any purpose? Will my comment be on the top or why is it important to tag your posts and comments?

thank you for your help!
Title: Re: Tags
Post by: Zer0 on 08/06/2021 20:57:56

Hello LunaScientists1

Tags perhaps do not move your OP to the top quartile of the sub section list.

But yes, i did find a specific Option tab named ' Tags ' which represents all time  Popular or Latest Newest current trends.

Perhaps Tagging helps out while Searching for similar subjects & contents.

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P.S. - You are Welcome!
Title: Re: Tags
Post by: Eternal Student on 09/06/2021 10:59:52

I'm not a moderator and have no involvement with the software used in this website.   I'm offering a personal view only.
   Tags don't seem to do much but I usually put a couple into my own threads, in case it helps anyone and just in case there will be a future development in the software that uses it.

Best wishes to you.

Late editing:   I found this:
      Adding tags to your posts makes them far more visible on the site and via the tags menu, meaning that they will most likely garner greater visitor engagement.
   Taken from;topicseen#msg565674
There's loads of info about latest updates there.  Apparently there is a "Tags" menu we can use, although I'm still not sure anyone does.
Title: Re: Tags
Post by: Zer0 on 09/06/2021 14:55:57

Good Input E.S.!

I have hardly ever used Tags...True that.

Rather, i find the ' Search ' option Alot useful to simply zero in on the exact word or context or user.

* (219.41 kB . 1080x2156 - viewed 8140 times)

Once into the ' Search ' provides various options to implement a detailed Search.

* (289.82 kB . 1080x2156 - viewed 8102 times)

P.S. - MODS, if you ever read this, which I'm sure you would soon, (bcoz Mods here are Omnipotent & Omniscience & Omnipresent)
I've Observed the following, thou it is Rare, but it happens.

* (293.71 kB . 1080x2156 - viewed 8049 times)

Stoopid Trolly Spammy users at times fiddle around with the ' Tags '.
Perhaps, it would be better if Only Mods were Allowed to tag OPs.
(I do tc of it whenever i come across it)