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Title: What kind of rock is this?
Post by: Desafina on 18/04/2021 12:50:26
 A few years ago in Venezuela, parque nacional de Cainama, the tourist guide found and gave me this rocks, he told us that a geologist told him that those could be radioactive but no one believed him. Nowadays I'm very curious of what kind of rock it may be.
Title: Re: What kind of rock is this?
Post by: Bill S on 04/05/2021 18:14:42
Hi Desafina. Welcome to TNS.

Iím surprised that none of our resident geologists has responded; so, for the time being, perhaps a word or two from an ancient, one time amateur would, at least let you know that you are not being ignored. 

It looks like a ferrous concretion; possibly limonite and/or goethite. Not sure what the central part is, but it will have been the catalyst around which the ferrous layers were deposited.

Don't give up on TNS, it's a much better forum than your initial experience might suggest. 

Stay safe, Bill.
Title: Re: What kind of rock is this?
Post by: Zer0 on 29/05/2021 19:17:27
Greetings Desafina!
& From All of US, Welcome to TNS SF.

Umm...i got no clue as to what that is... I'm no Geologist.

To Mee it looks like a seed of some sort, or maybe even rotten potatoes.

But yeah, sounds strange...the Guide just  handed it over to You?
No money charged eh?

& You simply took it...knowing it's Radioactive?


No Worries, someone out here would surely figure this out for ya.

P.S. - @Bill S
HeeY Bill!
Where have You been?
Hope all's Well?
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