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Title: Is the applied force less than the acting force in Special Relativity?
Post by: Mahesh Khati on 16/05/2016 11:24:22
Force without acceleration in S.R.
& acceleration without force in S.R.
& applied force is less than acting force in S.R.

STEP 1:-This problem can easily be understood by following paradox.
{Before starting this paradox, I want to put some relativity formulaeís
In any frame
      Fx = df0245967732537c3b4627a0eded518a.gif
After differentiation, we get
So, e7bec70af533bc337dfe89cf407c8675.gif ------(1)}
Now, Paradox:-
On frictionless platform, object is moving with constant velocity 9a30512405c4138a689b66957d9e1601.gif in X-direction & only magnetic force is acting in Y-direction & there is acceleration in Y-direction only with velocity 530101e95f755cddbb75c0924f4c6969.gif
If we apply eq(1) to this case then result will be
49496f22ea2509f42a29b7c8672ff711.gif as this force is form due to 049526a86f30148986edffdb4168e359.gif only
Meanís even there is no magnetic force acting on object from outside in x-direction & no d4bb73c2c32a9204ad95788d6b765c6c.gif then also above force will act on object in +ve direction of x-axis due to 049526a86f30148986edffdb4168e359.gif
Important point (1):-
Meanís applied magnetic force on object in X-direction is 0 & acting force in X-direction is
f5d60be187360206272c1fa473c9125a.gif or 98b4210e085224c9081fd45d13014242.gif
STEP 2:-Now, Force acting in X-direction is
Now, after this happen, very small magnetic force of same intensity
 -fx =-  f82f1430c624f04bc98c31876c73a105.gif or 8e3cceb8ada0f2bad7e8ddc134049f17.gif start acting on object in direction opposite to above force (but velocity is still positive 9a30512405c4138a689b66957d9e1601.gif) & cancel that above force.
Meanís equation (1) becomes
Or  bc3ed6f0b404ec10b75a728081b9d355.gif
(Here as  063a77ab09b3ff907ba8f8e7d5c1d99f.gif)

Meanís bab4b3b62c318a7f62df0f6c7a29149f.gif  =f6c0c974f9f4863013a9a832175f46ae.gif
Meanís there must be acceleration in Ėve X-direction to fulfil above equation of S.R.
Now, see above equation carefully, it is of nature
Important point (2):- Meanís applied magnetic force on object in X-direction is -fx & acting force in X-direction is 9fe854c1d0d3904929464decba591732.gif or 0.
Here, resultant force in X-direction is zero but there is acceleration.
STEP3:- same things happen for +ve force in X-direction (for less than 5e76da0780f66f71f9f7d1d822301d4f.gif or more)
Now, I am generalising above result.
This clearly shows that when we apply any magnetic force (Fmx) in X-direction on the object, actual force acting on object is more & that quantity is (Fmx+5e76da0780f66f71f9f7d1d822301d4f.gif)
If we apply any magnetic force (Fmy) in Y-direction on the object then actual force acting on object is more & that quantity is (Fmy+7b7dd1a685016c34c51166d5b706c632.gif)
This is completely complicated results, which says that applied force & acting forces on objects are different in S.R.
STEP4:- Force does work, consume energy, gain energy & we must know that energy cannot be created. It can be transferred only:-
From above setup it must be clear that energy get transfer from magnet to object but if applied force is less than acting force then energy gain by object will be more than energy loose by the magnet. Means due to more work done by more force for same displacement, more energy get generated.
HERE, more energy(& force) is the problem.
Where does this additional energy (& force) comes from?

This clearly shows that something is seriously wrong in Special theory of relativity.