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Title: Do bioresonance machines work?
Post by: EvaH on 27/04/2021 13:58:26
Steve asks:

I have a family member very keen for us to use their Rayonex bioresonance machine following the birth of our first child. The machine can apparently rebalance my wifeís cells. I am naturally skeptical of such devices however in the interest of fairness I am open to learning more before making any judgments. I have however struggled to find much in the way of useful information online. Itís either a word salad of bumf written by the manufacturer or entirely dismissive articles on the other hand. Do you have any knowledge of such treatments? Thank you.

Can you help?
Title: Re: Do bioresonance machines work?
Post by: alancalverd on 27/04/2021 15:01:29
Rebalance what? AFAIK giving birth is an indication of excellent health. The odor of bullshit is pervasive.
Title: Re: Do bioresonance machines work?
Post by: Bored chemist on 27/04/2021 18:41:34
The actual purpose of bioresonance machines it to extract money from people.
In that respect they work.
However, as any sort of medical treatment, they do not work.

This might be informative "advertising for bioresonance as an effective treatment for various conditions has been categorized as misleading in both the United States and the United Kingdom."

Or how about