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Title: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: ScientificSorcerer on 08/04/2014 22:04:40
Ok I heard about a fellow named Eugene Podkletnov Who is a scientist who discovered a strange superconductor effect in which you spin a "magnetic levitating" superconductor at extremely high speed


Eugene Podkletnov is a professional scientist from finland and discovered that you can spin a superconductor in the device depicted above in-order to archive en effect known as "Gravity shielding" which is quite an amazing effect, it's supposed to make objects loose around 2-7% of their weight!

It's quite a simple experiment and many other scientists have done the experiments, recently the Russian space agency declared that the experiment worked.

the gravity shielding is like a beam, that shoots upward out of the face of the superconductor and can travel too. when eugene first discovered the effect the laboratory one floor above his felt partial weightlessness   

But 2% or 7% of an object's weight is somewhat weak, if objects were to loose say 90% or 100% of their weight then Things would get interesting.

I was thinking, what if multiple podkletnov machines were used at the same time. all of them focused on the same spot  what would happen in the field were the beams are crossed?

lets say 20 podclenov machines were focused on a chunk of iron on a scale would the antigravity beams combine and make the iron loose all of it's weight?
Title: Re: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: Chadis Muskero on 09/04/2014 06:36:52
Is the shielding in the middle if the rotating device or was it pointed to the subject of the shielding?

Because if we cOnsider the possibility that the device was "pointing" to our subject, let's say an apple, then perhaps it really is possible that we can achieve the 80% diminished weight phenomenon by pointing as many as necessary.

Bit If the device's output is in the "middle" of the device itself, just as the theory and general understanding of "shielding" implies, then we actually don't have to use multiple podclenov machines to achieve our desired goal. We just have to build a bigger device with a bigger output area.

And also, the exact opposite effect can also be achieved if we reverse the area of it's effect or of its output area. This can be used to create artificial gravity in space migration it traveling...

All in all, this experiment has a great future ahead of it with almost limitless possibilities for practical use. What I said about it's use in outer space is just one of those.
Title: Re: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: alan hess on 09/04/2014 13:04:50
I believe gravity is perpendicular back to the center of the earth. Proof would be you can take a long and stand it on its end, and it will balance. If you're climbing a cliff gravity does not pull you to the cliff wall, you will fall straight down. Placing your devices side-by-side would give you a larger surface area, you may be a will increase the effect with an over under plan.
Title: Re: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: gazza711 on 09/04/2014 19:31:43
if your item was made of a vacuum,it still cannot defy gravity.lookup seagel.cant defy gravity.that device could be part off the ion wind lift effect.if you want to defy gravity,you need something extremely boyant as theres nothing attracting us to earth.when you think off the cliff situation,all particles find the quickest route at all the shortest distance would be straight down instead of sideways and theory says the gravity theory is not applicable in the point relates to why doesn't the moons so called gravitational pull not attract water in lakes/freshwater?if gravitational is such,there is the starting point.
Title: Re: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: gazza711 on 09/04/2014 19:39:55
eugenes device is the same as the tests on youtube where they spin a very heavy vertical flywheel to 1000rpm attached on a bearing to metal poll so you could hold it while it was spinning.the momentum allowed the user to lift this wheel above his head whilst holding on to the very end of the pole with one hand.amazing.this work by tugging on it slightly and encourageing it to the direction of travel(left or right)whether it spinning anti or clockwise.this guy just encouraged weightlessness this way I think.
Title: Re: Anti-gravity salved?
Post by: Chadis Muskero on 12/04/2014 13:52:36
I think the ION WIND EFFECT doesn't have anything to do with this experiment.

If anyone can elaborate this, then the more it can help us understand it more. Still, what we know so far is that this device can actually lead to more surprising results in the future. Who knows what it may actually lead to but thinking that the Russian Space Tech Division had already taken interest in this technology means that they already had plans for it.

Anyways, anti-gravity is possible, but very hard to achieve.

That's fact.

If we look at the "geo-stationary orbiting satellites" the principle behind their near outer space, actually almost there, position is a computer algorithm programmed for the satellite to maintain a standard distance away from the gravitational field of Earth. If we look at that as an angle to develop anti-gravity devices, say, something close to a combination of this device and the ion wind lift effect, then maybe anti gravity can actually be achieved.

Besides, have anyone actually asked yourselves, are you not interested what the future may bring? If this device can at least add a foothold to anti-gravity science fiction fields, then perhaps blitz ball could actually be realized.

For those wondering what Blitz Ball is, search google.