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Title: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: Clingensinthon on 08/03/2011 04:35:05
One of my websites, contains a guest book created by php. For security reasons I can not mention the URL of that site, but I will say that it is a educational site. The site is heavily attacked by unwanted message postings. 95% of the messages posted are indecent. So I have to delete those guest book entries. Could u please give me any code or hints to get ride of it, so that I can block indecent postings? Please help.
Title: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: RD on 08/03/2011 21:50:49
There is one used in this forum, no-sh1t, (see).
Title: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: JP on 08/03/2011 22:37:02
Hire Geezer as your slave moderator and make him delete all those posts.

But seriously, if these posts are spam, you might want to put a CAPTCHA up on the forum:

You can force guest users to fill out a CAPTCHA to post or force all users to register, and when registering they must also fill one out. 

But I can tell you that as a moderator here, we still get a lot of spammers sneaking through, hence needing a Geezer on staff!

Title: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: CliffordK on 19/03/2011 18:07:03
I have seen websites that require an "approval" to post, especially anonymous posts.

It shouldn't take much to go through the list of posts...  perhaps a 3-line header and check-boxes that you can hit with a space bar and down arrow.

It is easy enough to obfuscate words to circumvent filters.  If you had an automated approval process, then you wouldn't even have to allow the filter to be visible.

Any idea if they are "one-hit-wonders" or "repeat offenders"?

If they are repeat offenders, you should be able to track down the IP address and permanently block it.

I suppose the internet has changed over time.  Years ago I was doing support for a college computer lab.  One of our users posted something inappropriate in a Fraternity Newsgroup.  The IP address was traced to the college.  The Computer Dept called our dept manager, and our dept manager called me.  They were serious about wanting the situation "fixed".  It was all I could do to deal with it without getting a black mark on the person's permanent record.

Write and Publish a site policy specifically prohibiting profanity, SPAM, etc.
Then you might consider contacting the ISPs and trying to get the offenders knocked off of the internet.
Title: Re: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: Zer0 on 28/02/2021 17:40:18
Of all the Other intellectual OPs...
This One grabs my attention..
I guess my reptilian brain is in charge!

So...there are Filters On here?
Ummm... I'm soo TempTed Right Now!!!
Can i Try?

Anyways, just what is the Deal with abusive language?
I mean to ask, Why do some such words bother Us?
There must be a psychological science behind this, Right?

Say if Someone calls me a DOG...
Isn't that more off a Compliment?
Loyal + Cute + Playful + Best Companion!

What's so Wrong being called a Clown?
Jerky + Funny + Lively!

I'm coming to it...
Folks point out at genitalia.
Holes & stuff.
But that's simply biological...everybody got holes Right?
Yaa sum got big others small sum r here n there n sum got em everywhere...So Waat?

If Someone adds my Mother + & a sexual intercourse term behind it...
Why do i get Offended?
Obviously i do Not instantly turn into Whatever Someone thinks or says bout Mee!

Just wish to Understand the logic behind this...
I Agree abusive words are unhealthy & uncalled for.
Please Do Not Misunderstand Me taking a stand For abusive & profane language.

I just wish to know Why does it irk me?
Why do i lose my cool?
Why do just Words typed in a specific format feel like i was assaulted Physically?
What makes Me send an abusive response, in response to abuses?

P.S. - Neaah!
I rarely abuse, coz i do Not find it productive... it's simply childishly lame!

Edit - This now seems to me like a good OP...Hence i shall repost it in Just Chat Section.

ReEdited - So Sorry to resurrect a very very old OP...just found it Interesting.
Anyways, i have framed the above text as a new OP in " Just Chat " section.
Here's the Link, Sorry once again & Thanks!
Title: BlimeyRe: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?
Post by: charles1948 on 02/03/2021 19:47:58
Blimey, this is getting worse than Facebook!