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Title: Is ultraviolet UVC the new light at the end of the Covid-19 dark tunnel?
Post by: lankbri on 04/05/2021 09:29:26
Dear Mr Smith

I am a retired conceptualist with no academic qualifications, however over During the last12 months of restricted activity, I have devoted all of my time inventing new ways in which the proven power of UVC light could be used in the fight against the airborne transmission of harmful pathogens including Covid-19.

My only previous involvement in this area resulted in my personal creation of anti-HIV transmission hygiene products. The efficacy of these products was confirmed by both Professor John F. Kennedy ( Birmingham University) and Doctor David Harbour (Bristol University)

I personally have(from my own home) designed and constructed many prototypes and working models of different UVC devices, All of these devices incorporate bulbs emitting light within the Ultraviolet UVC nm range. The most recent working model is multifunctional, It performs as a simple desktop air sanitizing fan receiving potentially contaminated air, exposing that air to UVC Light, then expelling the treated air (either the immediate vicinity or wherever desired). The same device can be used in other ways. Either with any oscillating fan allowing both occupied or unoccupied spaces to be sanitized. A further use for the same device is as a handheld UVC light emitting wand, whereby many individual items can be sanitized.

The unique USP points of my invention include 1 The device is light and portable being less than the size and weight of a domestic electric toaster. 2 The device has multi uses. 3 the cost of the device is less than any other UVC device on the market.4 the worldwide distribution costs of the device are extremely low..5 Production of the machine can be commenced and could then be quickly and easily be scaled up.

I have now submitted a patent application and have CAD 3d drawings prepared, however as stated above I simply a retired basic OAP and would welcome any advice whatsoever in order to get my present working models to the production stage as soon as possible. I was encouraged by your BBC interview on 01.05.2021 and would welcome any advice or help that you could offer.

Thank you Mr Brian Mountford TEL 01538 398523
Title: Re: Is ultraviolet UVC the new light at the end of the Covid-19 dark tunnel?
Post by: evan_au on 04/05/2021 09:38:32
It appears that number of teams are working on UV sources for air sterilization.

Be ready with proof that UV-C levels are safe for exposure to human skin and eyes.
- It i important to verify that the UVC will penetrate aerosol droplets, as I understand that UVC is strongly absorbed.

Title: Re: Is ultraviolet UVC the new light at the end of the Covid-19 dark tunnel?
Post by: alancalverd on 04/05/2021 14:32:22
Many dentists already have UVC wall-mounted recirculators and they are fairly common at ceiling level, incorporated with airconditioning units in tropical hospitals.

A portable gadget may have its uses but it is important to  match airflow and UV doserate to the size and occupancy of the room to avoid ineffective "token sterilisation".