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Title: Nuisance marketing phone calls
Post by: moses lawn on 07/05/2005 20:20:47
You've just settled down for the evening, and the 'phone rings.  It turns out to be a recorded voice, telling you that you have won a fortune, and all you have to do to claim it is to call a premium rate number.A commonly-used scam.  

I don't hang up, but I put the receiver down on the table, and leave it there for at least half an hour, in the hope that this will cost the caller lots of money. At least the nuisance call to me will not be cost effective for them.

Am I right? Does it really work that way?

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Title: Re: Nuisance marketing phone calls
Post by: neilep on 07/05/2005 21:11:49
Maurice. I signed up to the Telephone Preference Service ( (it's free) over two years ago and I have never received a marketing call since.......

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Title: Re: Nuisance marketing phone calls
Post by: Andrew K Fletcher on 08/05/2005 11:25:28
I always say "You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye" and put the phone down, this has the desired effect, coupled with phoning the compony you rent your line from and asking them to block these calls.

Life is pretty quiet on the telephone now except for a few that slip through the net.

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Title: Re: Nuisance marketing phone calls
Post by: rosy on 08/05/2005 17:55:34
Actually, I think that if the receiving end of the call puts the phone down it makes no difference... only the calling party can actually terminate the call by hanging up. You could test this as it would mean that if you get one of these nuisance phone calls and put the phone down then pick it up again the voice is probably still speaking... a pain as it blocks your line until the recording finishes. If I'm right, even if you do hang up they still pay whatever they'd have been charged if you listened to the end.
I think the telephone preference service is probably the way forward (it's also a useful side effect of not having a landline).

Obviously this applies only in the UK, as far as I know.
Title: Re: Nuisance marketing phone calls
Post by: moses lawn on 09/05/2005 07:43:52
Thanks for the replies guys.  

In fact I have signed up to the TPS several years ago, but the calls I'm talking about usually contain a prerecorded female voice with a heavy American accent, and I suspect that they originate outside of the UK.

I like to think that, at the very least, if I keep the line open for a half hour, it may prevent them using it to pester anyone else, although I suspect that these professional pests probably have hundreds of lines, and one being blocked probably doesn't inconvenience them that much.