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Title: Things that go boom in a bottle
Post by: i_have_no_idea on 17/03/2006 00:27:07
Chlorine and alcohol
Ammonia and bleach

What else (preferably household items)

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Title: Re: Things that go boom in a bottle
Post by: tweener on 19/03/2006 16:05:17
baking soda and vinegar (and a lot safer than what you have listed).

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Title: Re: Things that go boom in a bottle
Post by: ROBERT on 20/03/2006 12:04:03
What about a water bottle rocket ?:-

"" ROKIT is a precision water rocket used by schools and colleges throughout the world to demonstrate Laws of Motion.

Attach the Rokit to a standard plastic fizzy pop bottle, part fill with water and use a cycle pump to power it for automatic launch!

This exciting kit has the capability of providing repeatable experiments. Rokit flies to around 30 metres (100ft) which creates great fun in learning science its a valuable and visual tool for all levels of science education.""
Title: Re: Things that go boom in a bottle
Post by: daveshorts on 20/03/2006 16:36:44
liquid nitrogen, that will make a lemonade bottle go off with a bang! they will fail at about 10atm, so you get 2l of gas becoming 20l very rapidly!
Title: Re: Things that go boom in a bottle
Post by: Vadermort on 26/03/2006 07:24:21
I know of one pretty cool one.
Sulfur (available in hardware stores)
KMnO4 (Pottasium Permanganate:Available at any chemists or pharmacies)


This is the standard ratio of mass. I have played around with different amounts and have given different results. It acts like flash powder too, Soemtimes it is very bright and slow (usually with more sulfur....sometimes it is quick, sometimes it goes of witha flame like a rocket engine and it hisses. Soemtimes it is like a firecracker throwing sparks around. All the detonations i have conducted have been with strong plastic bottles at small scale and at a distance. Next weeek i am doing a 250 ml hard plastic bottle. I will reply with the results. Ussualy it makes a flash and a loud thump with a 50ml bottle. I wonder what will happen....[}:)]