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Title: Are Glucosamine Supplements Good For You?
Post by: Tommo on 10/01/2010 10:34:19
I have been advised by my Consultant Orthopedic Doctor to take Glucosamine tablets to help with arthritis.  A relative of mine who has a different doctor was told to keep his money in his pocket as they were a waste of money.  Who is right?
Title: Are Glucosamine Supplements Good For You?
Post by: Variola on 10/01/2010 12:21:28
Hmmm. Well Glucosamine is a precursor for making a major component of joint cartilage, called glycosaminoglycan. In theory it should help with the repairof cartilage, and slow down any destructive process, but if memory serves me correct there has not been much substantial evidence to show that it is effective on its own, hence it is sold alongside other things such as chrondroitin and methyl sulfone etc to improve the effectiveness. However I still think the evidence for it being beneficial isn't that strong. I could have a look on pubmed if you want see if any recent studies have been done?
I always bear in mind that just because the science doesn't hold up to scrunity, does not mean it won't be beneficial, keep open mind etc.