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Title: Black Holes Antimatter?
Post by: Voxx on 22/04/2013 16:40:29
What if gravity is actually a super dense section of antimatter and mater is being pulled in by it, but never touches it because of some kind of force be it their charges pulling each other.  Repelling at the same time and the repel is stronger than the pull.

Black Holes are what happen when the the antimatter meets matter.  The energy created from the collision causes the super massive gravitational pull.  We cant observe into the event horizon, but what if the matter is being destroyed by the antimatter.  Matter cant be destroyed, just converted.  So what if matter and antimatter fuse, creating that super dense consistent pulling.

The end of the universe being the creation of super massive black holes that will devour each other until they combine back into the singularity which then explodes once it reaches that right formula to create another big bang?

quasars are the unbalance of the antimatter and matter, until they even out?

My theory have more holes than Swiss cheese?
Title: Re: Black Holes Antimatter?
Post by: yor_on on 23/04/2013 20:28:19
If anti matter touch matter you will get energy in form of radiation, do black holes radiate? Hawking radiation isn't enough and it also is presumed to evaporate at a steady (theoretical) rate, as I understands it. Just imagine some really big asteroids, or moons, meeting that anti-mater. To make that radiation invisible you will need to assume a ordinary black hole, with a event horizon hiding it for us, and then?