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Title: Did a UFO come into contact with William Schaffner?
Post by: Ęthelwulf on 14/03/2012 14:18:59

William Schaffner intercepted a UFO intentionally. His fate was dire and unfortunate. His body was never found.

According to this investigation:

The inquiry report makes the following points:

1. It was not a UFO but a slow moving Shackleton recconaissance aircraft that the Captain was trying to intercept on an exercise
2. Its crew had lost radio contact. Then, by the light of a flare, they’d seen the aircraft in the water.
3. The Captain had simply flown too low trying to get beneath his target and hit the sea.
4. Captain Schaffner had not been properly trained to carry out the exercise he had been asked to undertake.
When he tried to bail out, his ejector seat failed to operate.

Many part of this inquiry official report are severely in question. Part 1 is almost absurd to think that Mr. Schaffner had mistaken a recconaisance aircraft for ''shapes'' one oblong shape with a blue glow and one glassy-orblike sturcture floating beside it. Things have not been called into question, like his initial reports that he felt dizzy and saw shooting stars. There is a real scientific explanation for this I can give but it will only add to the mystery. Before we do this, I want to state I am disappointed somewhat in Michael's acceptance of the official report. Whilst understandable, he seems to have ignored many gaping holes in the report, like for instance, his ejactor seat failed to work yet there is no body to account for, yet original divers who found the plane said it was almost intact with the cockpit shut...

I can understand why Michael may simply want to allay these issues and put his father's case to rest - there are some problems with this report, but if Michael is willing to just accept a report without fully understanding what he is being told (which I am under the impression) then there are some serious questions abound. But moreover, it is likely Michael probably spent little time before this to investigate UFO's. If he had, probably when the Ministry of Defence gave himself and his family the bums-rush concerning the facts of Mr. Shaffners death, perhaps he would have been more attuned to not accepting the paper work had been shredded if he was more educated on the wide involvement of UFO's and governement related investigations.

Yes Michael, this was clearly a governmenet cover-up. The first denial of said papers which would have proved what happened detail by detail went missing (who would shred a case that hasn't been solved and was still under investigation) only but to cover-up some proof. We know the Ministry of Defence was covering up something dodgy because UFO-case files have remained in their posession for many years until forced to release them under FOIA. So, they officially stated originally such papers did not exist - was this giving them time to create some to quell the growing demand of the family and supporters?

It seems to indeed have been the case, since later a ''suspicious'' investigation appeared. Some of the points raised already concerning the investigation, is that what he observed was not a recconaissance aircraft. They blame his unfortunate set of events on him being not qualified for the job, but later admit that his ejector seat failed to happen? In fact, his machinary was in fact being effected by some unknown background intereference, not to mention, that communications had in fact been disrupted at the exact same time frame of the ground control observing on radar, that the captain's aircraft merged with the object. It was upon this merging the captain began to feel dizzy and observe shooting stars.

Yet the investigation led by the alleged official report did not take into account, clearly ground control's observations of these objects - and it's ignored his physiological effects which obviously took play when the two ships (of whatever origin) merged. Well... Deep in space astronauts are actually very accustomed to seeing ''shooting stars'' and I don't mean the kind which fall to Earth. What they saw was actually the product of high energy particles. It has been long respected amkong the UFO investigators of past, including Wilbert Smith, a canadian scientist who worked a lot on the UFO phenomonea that usually with UFO observations there can be attributed some form of gamma radiation, or perhaps other radioactive properties.

What I believe the good pilot saw then was in fact a high energy stream of particles, probably due to the connecting of the two objects, since he only began seeing these shooting stars after he lost communications. Obviously communications failed for the same reason, a high flux of particles disturbing normal communication channels.

If no one has ever linked this possibility, then I am certainly surprised.

Perhaps more interestingly, glass ball UFO's that same year had been reported as I qoute wiki:

''In the period of Autumn 1970 to Spring 1971, UFOs were seen over the Lincolnshire coast around Cleethorpes. At RAF Donna Nook, a large (180 ft long) UFO was seen hovering for many hours by RAF personnel and was accompanied by 'glass ball' objects.''
Yet, ignored as usual in any report designed really to conceal the truth about the existences of UFO's. I believe William struck this object accidently and was exposed to extremely high cascades of energetic particles which incidently caused him to black out for a number of moments.  This is what caused the intereference of communications including his feeling of being dizzy and seeing shooting stars, this I find a very credible explanation.

If this is what happened, then we could only presume the kind of radiation required for that kind of background disturbance and rendering him unconscious. In fact, a Russian scientist was involved in an accident involving a high energy particle accelerator. According to reports, he saw the flash of a thousand suns but did not feal any pain.

Well, neither did Mr. Schieffner but he did say he felt dizzy, which radiation almost certainly would cause this. Not to mention the shooting star phenomenon.

I have studied UFO's for years and years now and this is one of the most interesting cases I think UFOlogy has to offer.
Title: Re: Did a UFO come into contect with William Schaffner?
Post by: Ęthelwulf on 14/03/2012 14:21:16
Oh, and glass orbs have been seen previously far back in our history as well

Perhaps not a surprise to all of us. Some of us are well aware that UFO have been depicted in art as well for centuries.
Title: Re: Did a UFO come into contect with William Schaffner?
Post by: Ęthelwulf on 14/03/2012 15:23:35
Sorry you had to change where I posted this!

Anyway, there might be some element of truth behind the fact that the ejector seat would not operate accordingly. In fact, in similar circumstances, the background interference of these objects have been known to disable communications and even ejector seats. Here is a famous case:

D.I.A. form
Alongside the report there was a form from the DIA which assessed the quality of the report. The form indicated in checked boxes that the content was of high value, that the report was confirmed by other sources, and that the utility of the information was potentially useful to them. The form from the DIA also stated the following:
 "An outstanding report. This case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon: a) The object was seen by multiple witnesses from different locations (i.e., Shamiran, Mehrabad, and the dry lake bed) and viewpoints (both airborne and from the ground). b) The credibility of many of the witnesses was high (an Air Force general, qualified aircrews, and experienced tower operators). c) Visual sightings were confirmed by radar. d) Similar electromagnetic effects (EME) were reported by three separate aircraft. e) There were physiological effects on some crew members (i.e., loss of night vision due to the brightness of the object). f) An inordinate amount of maneuverability was displayed by the UFOs."


I am sorry if Michael ever comes to read this, but the body of his father may have been kept from public view. Indeed, if his body had come into contact, direct contact no less with high levels of radiation, tell-tail signs would emerge that this has happened, such as a slow appearing but recognizable burn marks. I don't revel in conspiracy theories, but I can't get my mind off the fact that his ejector seat is claimed to have malfunctioned yet there is no body to account for, even when the aircraft was found with the cockpit tightly shut.

Something does not add up.
Title: Re: Did a UFO come into contact with William Schaffner?
Post by: Ęthelwulf on 20/03/2012 21:31:31
I have some news to report.

I am fair. And I do like evidence. Nick Pope has told me that the transcript of William Shaffners dissappearance is bogus. It was a hoax made as he was able to read the original transcript.

However, the fact his body could not be found, is indeed a mystery.
Title: Re: Did a UFO come into contact with William Schaffner?
Post by: Ęthelwulf on 20/03/2012 22:36:04
nick actually only says what he says because of BOI report. It turns out a few people seem to think Nick is in fact being a little too trusting of the report itself. It has been noted that the report of the transcript he would have read would have been doctored if there had indeed been a real a UFO encounter.

Interestingly, Nick hasn't made any comment on the radar intelligence - which may prove that maybe Nick is being a little too trusting.