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Title: Molloscum Contagiosum???
Post by: bodom23 on 15/09/2007 16:02:53
Hi.  I went and got an std checkup about three months ago and everything came back normal.  But during the visit the doctor noticed what I thougth was a hand wart on my right knuckle.  I have never had warts before(so I was wondering why I had one) but he said it looked more like molloscum and asked if he could look at my stomach and genitalia for it.  Turns out I had one on my stomach(thought it was a pimple) and a few on my pubic area.  He told me not to worry about it since it clears up on its own.  Told me it can be passed using he same shower as someone who has them, a hot tub, pool, from having sex etc etc.

But why would I not worry? I dont want to pass this onto someone else! He told me he could treat them with acid but didnt recommend it.  Now I have about 10 of these things down there, and still the one on my right hand.  Looking back about four months ago I shook hands with someone who appeared to have hand warts but now im wondering if they were molloscum.  I have used compound w on the one on my hand, and some of the other lesions to no success.  I have also been taking a multivitamin and vitamin e, and I also have been trying this stuff called zymaderm but im getting nowhere with it. I have been using bar soap with tea tree oil but I havent seen any results in the two months I have been using it.

What other at home treatments will help? Not drinking? Will exercising help? Its so frustrating and depressing!
Title: Molloscum Contagiosum???
Post by: kdlynn on 15/09/2007 16:15:47
hi and welcome to the forum! i don't know much about this condition, but there is another thread on this website with more information and treatment options in it. let me see if i can find it...
Title: Molloscum Contagiosum???
Post by: kdlynn on 15/09/2007 16:18:24
oh it's right in this section! good luck and welcome!