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Title: Alpha 01 introduction
Post by: a.cyborg on 22/09/2007 00:01:31
CYBORGIA is social, technological, philosophical and memeological project dedicated to physical enhancement of human central bio-processor by installation of new superior operative system.

Civilisation is tearing itself apart, yet we have never been so materially rich before. We have capacity to feed all hungry, shelter all frozen, and from ruins of mental degradation build new superior being. But human bio-processor prefer "Simpsons" and "Family guy" before NEW TRANS-GALACTIC CIVILISATION. Human bio-processor is unable to download and administrate complex information and analyse patterns of space.

Therefore, current civilisation is doomed.

By cybernetics, human race will be united in SINGULARITY and therefore cease to exist in its current form. The result of dialectal evolutionary progress will become CYBORG RACE, with semi-biological, semi-artificial upgradeable processor approximately 500 to 550 times more intelligent than average human being.

Join CYBORGIA COLLECTIVE before its too late.

Upgrade. Evolve.