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Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: on 07/10/2007 14:06:51
With all the talk recently about pleasure being sustainable, it occurred to me that nobody had done the experiment. All we have is people discussing what they think, so i thought i would go out and do the experiment. Hoping to prove that pleasure is sustainable, i give my experiment the following acronym:
PISS, pleasure is sustainable, stupid

To conduct the experiment i though of the three greatest pleasures. Money, Drugs and sexual relations

I set off to the bank and withdrew all of my savings, i was certainly feeling the pleasure at this time. But that little voice inside my head was getting louder, it was telling me that if i followed the teachings and ways of  pleasure is sustainable, stupid. I would end up PISS poor. But i knew i had to finish my experiment so i continued to the bad part of town, where i met with a shifty looking character. A drug dealer, i though.

I approached the man and handed over all of my savings, in return he supplied me with a vast quantity of cannabis. As i sat there rolling and smoking joints that voice inside my head got that bit louder. It was telling me that not only was i PISS poor, but that now the idea of pleasure is sustainable, stupid was a PISS pot idea.

Again i ignored the voice, and proceeded through the bad part of town where i met with some scantilly clad ladies. Time for the third part of the experiment i thought. But what is this, i am poor and stoned, the ladies don't do it for free and even if they did i am too wasted to be of any use.

In conclusion, my findings are that the idea of pleasure being sustainable is both PISS pot and PISS poor. Ofcourse this is only a sample size of one, but you are free to do the experiment yourself. Although i have just saved you all from a waste of time...i thank you.
Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: dkv on 07/10/2007 14:22:58
One more time you realize that your decisions should be towards sustainable pleasure.

If you dont like Maths then you should not take it.
Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: JimBob on 07/10/2007 19:04:35

This "sustainable pleasure" rot is about the most illogical, unsupported, unscientific, and may I add without judging you personally, loony, load of garbage I have ever read. This is a science forum, NOT a place for new age, self-styled guru who believes he has seen the light to gather converts. GIVE UP! It isn't going to happen here so please just go away. Your presence has become annoying to most of the members of this forum, including, I dare say, myself and quite a few others with whom I have had contact.
Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: dkv on 07/10/2007 20:08:44
And I say the truth : TSP works.
Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: dkv on 07/10/2007 20:12:01
This forum has administrators to do the job. Who are you to complain like a kid ?
Title: pleasure is sustainable, stupid.
Post by: kdlynn on 08/10/2007 01:21:45
i believe the only one acting like a kid is you, sir... or ma'am. i don't really know... but i'm assuming sir